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A Public Service Announcement to All Ambitious Souls

Maybe you’ve noticed. So much of what the world tells you it takes to achieve success is wrong! Dead wrong!

Conventional wisdom’s recipe for getting ahead is:

  • Work hard—really hard
  • Put in long hours
  • Take on extra assignments

Yet, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal (1/14/18) reporting a 5-year study of 5000 workers, those very behaviors are the ticket to mediocrity. 

A professor of management at UC Berkeley conducted the study of people in a wide range of industries to find out what differentiated outstanding performers from those who were, at best, “middling.”

“Top performers mastered selectivity,” wrote Morten Hansen, who led the study. “Rather than simply piling on more hours, tasks, or assignments, they cut back.”

Call it the Rule of the Fewest. To achieve the most success, aim for the fewest meetings, the fewest goals, the fewest projects while focusing intensely (or as Hansen calls it “obsessing”) on what’s truly essential.

Professor Hansen gave an example from his own life. A CEO of a large foreign company asked him to present a proposal for executive education…using only one slide.

He struggled mightily to condense his 15 slides into one. “I obsessed to get it just right,” he wrote. “When you present one slide, it needs to be excellent.”

The outcome?  Fewer slides gave him lots more time.

“The CEO & I were able to spend our 45 minutes discussing the program in greater depth,” he recalled. “When we finished, he remarked on how productive the meeting had been.”

That’s not to say the highest performers don’t work hard. But that is definitely not why they outperform.

“They outperform,” explains Hansen, “because they have courage to cut back and simplify when others pile on, to say ‘no’ when others say yes…to change how they do their jobs when others stick with the status quo.”

For someone (me) who’s taking a partial sabbatical, focusing only on coaching and writing, reading this study felt like God Herself was giving me a high five!

Have you had success in cutting back? Or is it still a scary thought?

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It’s Never Too Late… To Become Who You’re Meant to Be

It is said that power is the ability to make something happen. However, I’m convinced real power is the willingness to let something go.

I have to tell you, since I decided to let go of my last name and business model, I’m feeling very powerful.

But I definitely didn’t feel that way in the months leading up to those decisions. I felt scared. Very, very scared

Scared of losing potential clients or Facebook followers, once I changed my name to Barbara Huson. 

Scared of alienating, angering or disappointing people, once I changed my focus to affluent women. 

Scared of financial loss, once I stopped teaching classes. 

Scared of….The list was endless. And each fear was/is a valid possibility.

But then I opened a birthday card from an old friend, which read “It’s never too late to become who you’re meant to be.” 

And instantly I knew, deep in my soul, I had to make those scary changes. 

Because it was the only way to step fully into my power…the only way to become all I’m meant to be. 

Even at age 70, I knew it wasn’t too late.

I invite you, as the New Year rolls around, to ask yourself: What do I need to let go of to become who I’m truly meant to be? I guarantee, it’ll be that which you’re most afraid to release. 

Power (and growth) takes courage. What will you release in 2018?

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Say Good-Bye to Barbara Stanny

Oh, I’m not going anywhere. But I am changing my name to Barbara Huson. If you’re up for a tale of true love, I’ll  explain why.

10 years ago, thanks to the magic of, I had a lunch date with a guy named Lee Huson. I knew immediately he was not my type (blue collar, Republican).

But he was tall and bald (I’m a sucker for both). So I gave him a chance. As we talked, I noticed he was quite smart, deep, spiritual and funnier than hell. By the end of our date, he’d miraculously morphed into my type.

He told me later that the next day he heard “a voice” say to him: “You are here to love, appreciate and support Barbara.

He’s repeated those words to me almost daily for the last decade. And his behavior has followed suit.

Five years later we married. But I didn’t take his name. It was too much hassle. My business identity was wrapped tightly around Stanny. So was my social life. Most friends never bother with Barbara. They just call me Stanny.

A few months ago, however, sitting at my desk, gazing mindlessly out the window, it hit me. (I’ve always found mindless gazing highly productive.) 

Why was I hanging on to the name of my ex—who constantly let me know how unhappy he was with me—when I had a man who supported me unconditionally???

That’s when I made the decision. Stanny had to go. Not just because I wanted Lee’s name. But because, as I continued gazing, I realized Lee’s unwavering love for me, just as I am, had radically changed me. Though I hadn’t fully understood it until that pivotal moment.

He’d become my mirror and I started seeing myself through his appreciative reflection. Over time, I’ve actually come to love and accept myself…just as I am.

My name change is a tribute to the miracle of love. Obviously, to the wonderful man I married. But, even more miraculous, to the love I finally found for myself.

Granted, it will take quite a while to change all the branding, URL, email address, etc. But I wanted you to be the first to know.  And if you have any tips on changing a name I’d love to hear them!

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Oh-So-Subtle Self-Sabotage

“What you share you strengthen.”

~A Course In Miracles

In the spirit of the above quote, ask yourself this question: Could I be undermining my success by what I’m sharing with others?

Years ago, a  coach gave me a powerful assignment.  For 2 weeks, I was to simply observe my conversations, without changing a thing. Just notice what I talked about, the words I used, my typical reactions…you know, the stuff I was sharing with others.

What I saw was not pretty.

I had a habit of putting myself down…without even realizing it. I’d constantly dismiss my skills (“Oh, that’s no big thing”), deflect praise (“I thought I was awful”), and diminish my successes (“But I could’ve done so much better”).

What felt, to me, like humility, was in truth, a form of self sabotage. Every word of self depreciation put another dent in my self esteem.   I was strengthening my self-doubt…while destroying my self-confidence.  No wonder I was struggling.

Are you doing something similar? Minimizing your achievements or underestimating your  value?

I invite you to find out. Spend a few weeks simply watching what you talk about.  Then write a comment below on what you observed.


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Down with Financialese

Have you ever met with a financial advisor, and wished you had a translator? They may be really nice people, but once they start talking, they’re suddenly speaking a foreign tongue.

“C’mon, you guys,” I want to say. “Speak in plain English.” But, truth is, I don’t hold out much hope. The onus is on us.

I’m a big believer in working with professionals…be it for a root canal or a retirement plan. And sometimes the latter can be as painful as the former! But it doesn’t need to be.

Not if you’re willing to speak up, ask for clarification, and keep asking until you understand.

As I’ve learned over the years, just because you don’t understand ‘Financialese,’ doesn’t mean you’re stupid.

It’s simply a sign to ask more questions. And keep asking. The payoff is clarity. But, I’m here to tell you, the real reward is how powerful you’ll feel for standing up for yourself.

How do you stand up for yourself?

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The Legend of Sacred Success

            “The way to do is to be.” Lao Tzu

    There once lived a woman whose life was abundant.

            She had a beautiful home, happy children, a wonderful man, a successful career, and a healthy portfolio of stocks and bonds.

But one day, a very strange thing happened. She woke up feeling ‘blah.’ Something was missing.  Subtle at first, these feelings grew more insistent.

Her happiness took a nose-dive.  Her creativity all but disappeared. And her ambition (this was one really driven woman) completely vanished.

She tried pretending all was well.  But the guilt made that impossible.  How could she, who had so much, feel this empty? People would think she was crazy.  Fact is, she felt crazy.  This went on for months.

Until an angel appeared (disguised as a coach) with some sage advice. “You’re too into ‘doing,’” the angel told her. “You need time for ‘being.’”

And the woman knew the angel was right. So off the woman went, to be by herself, in search of the missing something.

The very first morning, she awoke with a prayer:  “Tell me what I need to know.”  She didn’t expect an answer. But one came immediately.

“Go for Greatness,” a voice replied. She stopped in her tracks. Suddenly, everything made sense.

She realized her symptoms were signals from her soul, summoning her to a higher level. She was being asked to pursue her soul’s purpose, doing what she was put on this planet to do, in a bigger way than ever before. And she knew, for a fact, she wasn’t alone. Countless others were receiving this same Call.

At that moment, the blahs evaporated, her energy returned.  She’d found what was missing.  She called it Sacred Success®. Her life was never the same. All that was good became even greater. She accomplished more with much less effort. Financial success came with ease and grace. Her closest friends all noticed the difference.

If you’re  feeling something similar—like you’re stuck, burned out, something’s missing, or you’re right on the verge of greatness-THIS woman deeply desires to share what she learned with you.  Her Sacred Success Retreat is May 18-21, in Baltimore, MD. There are only 4 seats left.   Will you be in one of them?

Included in the fee: room, meals, workbook, private coaching session, and a full year of follow up!!!


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One Year to Wealth

Are You Investing in Yourself in 2017?

Last week, I shared the simple formula that I used to become a Savvy Investor.  If you missed the free webinar, One Year to Create Wealth…In One Simple Step a Month. You can listen to the recording here. I’ve had a ton of feedback letting me know how helpful it was. I’m delighted!

But, believe me, I know how the mere thought of investing can seem daunting…if not impossible. I know how easy it is to go into avoidance.

The key is to make a commitment, invest in yourself, and find support to hold you accountable.

That’s why I created One Year to Wealth: Becoming a Savvy Investor. I will show you how to take charge of your money and your life…how to become the Powerful Woman you were born to be.  And I want to make sure you get all the support you need. I want to be right there holding your hand.

My goal is to show how simple (and fun!) investing can be by breaking it down into very small chunks. I want YOU to know the enormous freedom, immense security, the incalculable peace of mind and the unbelievable confidence that I now experience.

The first step I shared is Commit. If you are ready to take that step, you can join me in a very powerful full year class: One Year to Wealth: Becoming a Savvy Investor.

This class will only be offered once in 2017. We’ll kick-off on January 24th with a special live Set Your Intentions call.

You can learn more about One Year to Wealth here

I’d love to take this journey with you, to support and educate you as you become a Savvy Investor.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Here are some of last year’s One Year to Wealth participants who shared their stories. Can you relate?

“I continue to feel so grateful for this course and for everything it has helped me with. For starters, I wanted to feel confident to invest my 401K funds in the best way, and understanding what I’m doing with it. That was my reason for joining the course and it has been fulfilled in a beautiful way.
Further, I never had a clue that I was going to have my whole financial world, worries and all, be completely shifted into calm and confidence. My outlook is so joyful now on how to maintain a cash flow budget so I know that I will always have a positive balance, especially while paying the max to my credit card balance. I don’t feel deprived, and I feel that the discipline makes me feel abundant and money has value now. I don’t hold back when I want something, but I keep looking at it before making a move, asking, is this worth it? Is it more important than paying this to myself? (without judgment). Sometimes it is worth it, and then I get it with no guilt, which always used to follow purchases of any kind. And I’ve already paid off half the credit card debt that had been carrying for some years. The rest is all in 0% interest cards and being paid off rapidly.” ~~Monica

“Every now and then life presents us with a game changer. Barbara is such a person. One Year to Wealth , for me, marked a new beginning. Barbara handed me the tools to discover how my mind approaches money, how money fog works and when it arises and when old stories dictate my approach to money today. After almost a year of One Year to Wealth I feel equipped to talk about money ( I never did), to approach finance professionals ( I never dared) and to manage my assets ( I never even knew them.) Within the supportive and exciting environment Barbara created, it became possible to see my emotions as a part of my money story. With the course almost done, there is no end in sight. My money explorations have only just begun and they will last a lifetime. My role, going forward, is clear: to nourish myself, my family and the world. All emotions are welcome! Thank you!!!” ~~Katherine

“I felt the desire to tell you I am in tears of joy in how my life has changed this year, and that I am now a part of a wonderful future.  I am so thankful for OYTW and look forward to continuing with each level of Barbara’s offerings as I stretch.  It is a whole new world.” ~~Pam


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Finding Good (Financial) Help

Of all the women I’ve interviewed, the ones with the highest net worth didn’t necessarily earn (inherit or marry) the most money. The whopping majority worked with financial professionals…most often with a whole team (including a financial advisor, an estate attorney, a CPA, and a bookkeeper).

I’m a big fan of hiring financial experts. I wouldn’t fill my own cavities or set my own broken bone. Would you? We’d leave that to a specialist, someone who’s had extensive training and that’s pretty much all they do.

But I must warn you: Financial professionals make lousy Prince Charmings. Don’t ever hand over your money, close your eyes, turn your back, and hope they take good care of you. You need to be educated and involved. A good advisor will make sure you are.

Another Warning: Resist the urge to sign up with the first advisor you meet. Interview at least three. Ask questions such as these, then go with your gut instinct:

  1. Would you tell me about yourself?
  2. Do you specialize in certain investment
  3. Who are your clients?
  4. How do you charge for your services, and what costs might I incur working with you?
  5. How often do you communicate with clients, and how often might I expect to hear from you?
  6. Would you be willing to educate me about investing and finances in general?
  7. Have you ever been involved in any lawsuits, arbitration, or disciplinary problems?
  8. Is there anything you want me to know about you that I haven’t asked?

Need more help? I’ve written a booklet filled with great advice: Finding A Financial Advisor You Can Trust. It’s available here.

You’ll learn about hiring the right professional and protecting yourself by being a good client.

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The Secret to High Earnings in Only Five Words

One day, I was glancing at the Wall Street Journal, when 5 words grabbed my attention. “The survival of the focused.”

I knew those five words carried a powerful message. A message quite familiar to High Earners. But one Underearners have failed to grasp.

Financial Success belongs to the focused.

Without focus, it’s easy to get sidetracked by multiple distractions fighting for your attention. But with focus, conflicting objectives cease to control you, making it easier (and less stressful) to take decisive action without second guessing.

What’s the trick to getting focused? Prioritize. Put your attention exclusively on your priorities. All else goes on the back burner.

Sadly, most of us don’t know what our true priorities are. We carry around lengthy to-do lists, then berate ourselves unmercifully when we don’t cross everything off—a sure-fire recipe for failure.

What if, instead, you take everything on your list, all those items you simply must do, and narrow them down to 5 items—the 5 tasks that are really truly essential, that reflect your most cherished values, what’s most important to you?

Those 5 are your priorities. They take precedence when scheduling your time. If it’s not a priority, it’s a distraction.  Each time you cross one task off, you can add another.

Does watering your plants or cleaning the kitchen carry the same weight as working out at the gym or playing with the kids?

There’s no one right answer, only the most truthful one.

Need help determining your true priorities? Try this Values Clarification Worksheet.

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A Sneak Peek into The Women’s Wealth Weekend

I’m ready to throw back the curtain a bit, give you a glimpse of what I have planned for my Women’s Wealth Weekend: The Awakening.

I promise, you have never attended an event like this. I’ve been wanting to do this for years.  I finally worked up the courage to take you on a unique Metafiscal journey that answers an important question:

Why are a small minority of people, the top 20% (what I call the Enduring Affluent), able to not only create but increase their wealth, over long periods of time, despite often significant setbacks?

This weekend is not about fixing you or changing you. It’s about waking you up to the truth of who you are, the power you have to literally move mountains, as women.

My intention is to challenge your thinking. I have only one request. Come with an open mind—willing to accept that much of what the world has taught you, much of what you’ve learned about who you are, could be wrong.

Here’s the sneak peek into the agenda for this special event:

Day One: Friday

The amazing Amanda Steinberg, founder of & WorthFM, will talk about your money type…what really motivates you to wake up financially.

Find out which type YOU are at You may be surprised…you will absolutely be enthralled, by her eye-opening talk. Then we’ll have dinner together in a private pavilion.

Day Two: Saturday
You’ll dive deep into Power Training. Not as the world defines power. But as the Awakened understand it: Mind Training. You’ll learn a simple but profound 3-step process for harnessing the power of your mind to create the wealth you desire and the life you deserve.

Day Three: Sunday

You’ll learn about Wealth Creation, but, again, not as the world teaches it. You will be infusing spiritual wisdom and personal insight into basic wealth building principles.


Day Four: Monday

On the final day you’ll create an individualized plan for moving forward as an Awakened Woman. And you’ll learn about options for follow up support. We’ll conclude with a farewell lunch.

As a Chinese proverb says:  “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” It’s time to wake up. This crazy world needs Awakened Women. So that we may go out and help awaken others.

If you are ready for the Awakening, I urge you to click here to register today. And, don’t miss out on the special VIP package—it disappears this Thursday, September 8th.


Meet Barbara Huson

When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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