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The Secret to High Earnings in Only Five Words

One day, I was glancing at the Wall Street Journal, when 5 words grabbed my attention. “The survival of the focused.”

I knew those five words carried a powerful message. A message quite familiar to High Earners. But one Underearners have failed to grasp.

Financial Success belongs to the focused.

Without focus, it’s easy to get sidetracked by multiple distractions fighting for your attention. But with focus, conflicting objectives cease to control you, making it easier (and less stressful) to take decisive action without second guessing.

What’s the trick to getting focused? Prioritize. Put your attention exclusively on your priorities. All else goes on the back burner.

Sadly, most of us don’t know what our true priorities are. We carry around lengthy to-do lists, then berate ourselves unmercifully when we don’t cross everything off—a sure-fire recipe for failure.

What if, instead, you take everything on your list, all those items you simply must do, and narrow them down to 5 items—the 5 tasks that are really truly essential, that reflect your most cherished values, what’s most important to you?

Those 5 are your priorities. They take precedence when scheduling your time. If it’s not a priority, it’s a distraction.  Each time you cross one task off, you can add another.

Does watering your plants or cleaning the kitchen carry the same weight as working out at the gym or playing with the kids?

There’s no one right answer, only the most truthful one.

Need help determining your true priorities? Try this Values Clarification Worksheet.

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  • Gwen Yarbrough

    Hi Barbara….

    I really enjoyed reading this article and it has helped me to understand that it only takes a few (5) priorities to accomplish what truly is important.
    I get so distracted I believe because I have this long list of things to do that I want to accomplish. But I can see where my true priorities can get to the “back burner”.
    My question is this: Are you suggesting to make a “Value Clarification Sheet”?
    Not sure where to find this ?


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