Rewire for Wealth Book

Rewire For Wealth:

Three Steps Any Woman Can Take to Program Her Brain For Financial Success

Rewire for Wealth is a groundbreaking, proven formula for women looking to build wealth and invest knowledgeably and confidently

After decades of writing, researching, lecturing and empowering women financially, Barbara Huson discovered a critical missing piece that would significantly reduce women’s resistance to taking the financial reins, expedite the learning process, and build their confidence: neuroscience.

According to studies, women’s and men’s brains process information differently—especially when it comes to money. Men view investing as a challenge whereas women view it as a threat. In Rewire for Wealth, you will learn a simple, but powerful a simple, but powerful process to conquer your fears, overcome your resistance, and program your brain for financial and personal success.

In a body of work that weaves together spirituality, psychology, and personal finances, the practical application of neuroscience is what makes Rewire for Wealth a truly transformational guide for wealth building: saving, investing, and growing your money with knowledge and confidence.

Rewire for Wealth offers a radically different, proven and integrative approach that trains your mind to rewire your brain for wealth, well-being, and really, whatever else you want—tapping into the immense power you have to take charge of your money and your life.

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Backed by multiple research studies and original research, Rewire for Wealth is divided into three sections. In the first, Awakening, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the four components that comprise Rewire for Wealth:

  • Neuroscience—the study of the brain
  • Psychology—the study of the mind
  • Spirituality—mind training as taught in A Course in Miracles
  • Personal Finance—the fundamentals of wealth building

In the second section, Rewiring, you’ll learn a simple, three-step formula for consciously reprogramming your brain. The three steps, which I call The Rewire Response, are:

  • Recognize—start by observing your thoughts
  • Reframe—find a new way to perceive the situation.
  • Respond differently—consciously, not habitually, react in ways that don’t feel comfortable.

By repeatedly practicing these three steps, the old brain circuits will become weaker as new ones grow stronger. But, in the beginning, old pathways can (and will) easily be reactivated.

In the final section, Hardwiring, you’ll acquire three Power Tools to strengthen and secure the initially fragile new responses. The Power Tools are:

  • Resistance Work—how to take the path of most resistance.
  • Reparenting—how to heal your inner child who’s likely running the show
  • Repetition—how to keep repeating the new behaviors until a habit is formed.
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