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Rewire For Wealth:

Three Steps Any Woman Can Take to Program Her Brain For Financial Success

Rewire for Wealth is a groundbreaking, proven formula for women looking to build wealth and invest knowledgeably and confidently

After decades of writing, researching, lecturing and empowering women financially, Barbara Huson discovered a critical missing piece that would significantly reduce women’s resistance to taking the financial reins, expedite the learning process, and build their confidence: neuroscience.

According to studies, women’s and men’s brains process information differently—especially when it comes to money. Men view investing as a challenge whereas women view it as a threat. In Rewire for Wealth, you will learn a simple, but powerful process to conquer your fears, overcome your resistance, and program your brain for financial and personal success.

Rewire Book Package

Rewire for Wealth is a perfect read for book clubs, investment clubs or financial study groups. Package includes:

  • 20 copies of Rewire for Wealth
  • Access to the digital Rewire for Wealth Workbook which includes all the exercises in the book
  • PLUS, Barbara will join your group via Zoom for one live Q&A/Discussion session!

20 books: $300 + $20 shipping (in the contiguous United States)

“If mastering your money feels daunting, you need this book. Barbara expertly exposes what could be holding you back with simple, practical solutions to finally rewire your thinking and truly build a wealthy life.”

David Bach
10X New York Times bestselling author, Smart Women Finish Rich & The Latte Factor

“Barbara Huson is the unequivocal leader in helping women rewire themselves for wealth. This book will go down in history as a total game changer for us.”

Ali Brown
Founder + CEO of The Trust

“Rewire for Wealth is worth every woman’s fierce attention. Barbara’s long experience and savvy guidance can pay enormous dividends.”

Sally Helgesen
author of How Women Rise

“Barbara Huson has done it again–only this time, better than ever!!  She weaves personal stories with the most cutting edge neuroscience to help each and every woman reach her greatest financial potential, with heart and humor.  This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to enjoy the experience of wealth!”

Regina Thomashauer
founder of Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts and author of New York Times bestseller, Pussy: A Reclamation

“Every woman in America needs to read this book!  Barbara Huson is THE expert on women, wealth, and power—and REWIRE FOR WEALTH is your guide to the financial freedom you deserve.  This book will change your life, if you let it.”

Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

“For the last 8 years Barbara has been my “go to” money mentor. She has an uncanny ability to bridge metaphysical wisdom with good ole fashioned financial sense. Her work is a potent brew for anyone who is looking to attain financial freedom on their own terms. REWIRE FOR WEALTH is a soulful journey, one that will inspire you to live the wealthy life you deserve and can now finally achieve with Barbara’s help!”

Rha Goddess
Artist, Activist, CEO of Move the Crowd and author of The Calling

“We all do—or allow others to do—things with our money we know we should not. Huson explains in the clearest of terms, how the brain works and why this happens. Then, without judging,  she guides us through exactly how to re-wire our brain so our minds are in control. So grateful for this book.”

Bobbi Rebell
CFP®, Author, How to be a Financial Grownup

“Having Barbara Huson as my money coach has been transformative and from my perspective she is the most profound teacher and healer of money relationships of our time. This is a critical book I encourage everyone to read because a more equitable and thriving future is not possible without financial wellbeing”

Claudia Chan
Creator S.H.E. Summit & New York Times Celebrated Author of This Is How We Rise

“Barbara Huson has done it again. By digging into the ways women think about money differently than men do, she is able to chart a path toward lifelong security—and wealth.”

Jean Chatzky

Barbara’s passion is helping women get smarter about money so they can confidently make the best financial decisions. Her story, which she shares in more detail than ever before, illustrates how the path from confusion to understanding can lead us to unexpected places

Liz Weston
CFP, personal finance columnist and author of Your Credit Score

Barbara Huson holds the master keys to financial empowerment for smart, conscious women in our time. Through her brilliant, wise and inspired writings, talks and programs she will show you the pathway to create lasting wealth as a gateway to something even more important: your brightest future. I can’t recommend her work more highly.

Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Barbara Huson’s book of gems offers the “how” of healing your relationship to money, not just by teaching you about personal finances, but by helping you heal whatever interferes with financial health psychologically, spiritually, and neurologically. Pure gold for the alchemists ready to energetically transform trauma-based scarcity into healing-based abundance.

Lissa Rankin, MD
New York Times bestselling author of Mind Over Medicine

“This book holds a critical missing piece for women when it comes to true financial empowerment. If you keep finding yourself stuck in the same financial rut, look no further. Your path to inner and outer wealth is right here in these pages.”

Kate Northrup
bestselling author of Do Less

In a body of work that weaves together spirituality, psychology, and personal finances, the practical application of neuroscience is what makes Rewire for Wealth a truly transformational guide for wealth building: saving, investing, and growing your money with knowledge and confidence.

Rewire for Wealth offers a radically different, proven and integrative approach that trains your mind to rewire your brain for wealth, well-being, and really, whatever else you want—tapping into the immense power you have to take charge of your money and your life.

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Backed by multiple research studies and original research, Rewire for Wealth is divided into three sections. In the first, Awakening, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the four components that comprise Rewire for Wealth:

  • Neuroscience—the study of the brain
  • Psychology—the study of the mind
  • Spirituality—mind training as taught in A Course in Miracles
  • Personal Finance—the fundamentals of wealth building

In the second section, Rewiring, you’ll learn a simple, three-step formula for consciously reprogramming your brain. The three steps, which I call The Rewire Response, are:

  • Recognize—start by observing your thoughts
  • Reframe—find a new way to perceive the situation.
  • Respond differently—consciously, not habitually, react in ways that don’t feel comfortable.

By repeatedly practicing these three steps, the old brain circuits will become weaker as new ones grow stronger. But, in the beginning, old pathways can (and will) easily be reactivated.

In the final section, Hardwiring, you’ll acquire three Power Tools to strengthen and secure the initially fragile new responses. The Power Tools are:

  • Resistance Work—how to take the path of most resistance.
  • Reparenting—how to heal your inner child who’s likely running the show
  • Repetition—how to keep repeating the new behaviors until a habit is formed.
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