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The Rewire Response

A Three-Step Formula to Reprogram Your Brain!

The Rewire Response

A Three-Step Formula to Reprogram Your Brain!

Discover the transformative power of The Rewire Response—a simple yet unique three-step formula to create wealth and well-being…and really, anything else you desire.

When you learn how to reprogram your brain, you’ll quickly overcome any blocks standing in the way of the success you deeply desire and richly deserve.

This eBook will teach you how to apply the Rewire Response and you’ll discover just how powerful you truly are!

Reprogram your brain with this three-step formula and find the success you desire.

Plus, you’ll receive my Weekly Words of Wealth, packed with actionable tips and inspiring stories, helping you to take control of your finances and your life.

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Are You in Control of Your Money...or is Your Money Controlling You?

Let’s Work Together

Financial Therapy & Wealth Coaching in The Wealth Connection

Let’s Work Together

Financial Therapy & Wealth Coaching in The Wealth Connection

In my years of working with women I’ve found that women grow and flourish when they are in community. That’s why I created my virtual community of women supporting women, The Wealth Connection.

You’ll discover a safe space where I will personally support you in group sessions to become the powerful, confident woman you’re born to be. And you’ll have the support of other women, just like you, who are journeying on the same path.

As a member of The Wealth Connection you also have the option to add private Financial Therapy/Wealth Coaching sessions. I’m currently only working with members of this community privately.

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I can help you achieve wealth + well-being, even if you …

  • Feel overwhelmed, confused or frustrated by your finances
  • Let someone else make all the financial decisions
  • Avoid money because you lack the confidence to take control
  • Are a High Earner wondering why there’s so little left over
  • Are an Underearner wondering why you’re not making more
  • Inherited or married money and don’t feel like it’s yours

My unique approach to coaching comes from over 25 years of professional experience, research for 7 books and my own personal struggles.

I truly believe…

  • Creating wealth is not just a practical process.

    It’s a spiritual practice, a healing journey, a Rite of Passage into your power, as a woman.

  • Creating wealth is about far more than money.

    It’s about the powerful woman you must become. I assure you, it’s the process, not the money, that empowers.

  • Creating wealth (and keeping it) rests on 4 prongs:

    the Outer Work (practical), Inner Work (psychological), Higher Work (spiritual) and Deeper Work (neuronal)

  • Creating wealth starts with self-discovery:

    dissolving your fears and resistance, your false beliefs and faulty self-image, your suppressed emotions and deep-seated shame.

  • Creating wealth requires you to make decisions from knowledge, not fear, ignorance or habit.

    This means rewiring your brain so you can confidently and intelligently take charge of your money.

I'm Barbara Huson, formerly Barbara Stanny.

I'm Barbara Huson, formerly Barbara Stanny.

I’m a Financial Therapist and Wealth Coach. But honestly, empowering women is more than a job to me. It’s my mission, my ministry, what I was born to do. (Want to know why I changed my name? click here).

Books by Barbara Huson

Praise for Barbara Huson

  • You are definitely capable/competent to teach us the mechanics of finance, but where I feel you are unparalleled is in your ability to connect the spiritual, psychological, emotional to the area of finances.

    Listening to you — your compassion, your patience, your insight would make even the most timid ready to tackle what might have seemed impossible.

  • The (Sacred Success) retreat was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I began the retreat lost in overwhelm and lacking direction. I left filled with the calm that comes from knowing your next step in life.

  • Barbara Huson is an absolute rockstar. Her course, ‘Overcoming Underearning’, helped me change my spending habits and pay off over $20,000 in credit card debt.
    I cannot thank you enough!

  • Working with Barbara has been life-changing. She guided me in bridging the gap between my work and spiritual lives… Barbara is a gifted teacher with a kind, loving and firm touch. She is a leader in the financial empowerment movement.

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