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It’s Never Too Late… To Become Who You’re Meant to Be

It is said that power is the ability to make something happen. However, I’m convinced real power is the willingness to let something go.

I have to tell you, since I decided to let go of my last name and business model, I’m feeling very powerful.

But I definitely didn’t feel that way in the months leading up to those decisions. I felt scared. Very, very scared

Scared of losing potential clients or Facebook followers, once I changed my name to Barbara Huson. 

Scared of alienating, angering or disappointing people, once I changed my focus to affluent women. 

Scared of financial loss, once I stopped teaching classes. 

Scared of….The list was endless. And each fear was/is a valid possibility.

But then I opened a birthday card from an old friend, which read “It’s never too late to become who you’re meant to be.” 

And instantly I knew, deep in my soul, I had to make those scary changes. 

Because it was the only way to step fully into my power…the only way to become all I’m meant to be. 

Even at age 70, I knew it wasn’t too late.

I invite you, as the New Year rolls around, to ask yourself: What do I need to let go of to become who I’m truly meant to be? I guarantee, it’ll be that which you’re most afraid to release. 

Power (and growth) takes courage. What will you release in 2018?

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Comments & Feedback

  • Keirsten Quest

    Congratulations on your breakthroughs and evolution! I find your story and courage inspiring. I too have been holding onto an old business model and client base out of fear. I made the decision on Dec 2nd to let that go in the new year. And, as I am doing my strategic planning for 2018, I feel the fear knocking on the door of my consciousness. I focus away from it and toward the potential. As I do so, your post provides me additional support.

  • Claudia

    Hi Barbara,
    I enjoyed your experience, and sharing it in detail with us. It reminded me of why I dropped my surname also, and while it was an all or nothing decision for me a couple years ago, it was the right decision. What am I releasing ahead of 2018, definitely a should-list and creating a list of joy filled options led by using my talent(s) to create a support service for those who need, senior execs with purpose 🙂

  • Kate Goldsborough

    Congratulations. How totally cool and brave.
    I also am letting go of my old business model. And I changed the business name after 22 years. New sign and all.
    It’s particularly scary at my first Christmas here not being a retail store per se. I have decided to step into allowing myself time to not tend store and be the full on makeover stylist I am–even in an area where that ideal isn’t appreciated.
    Much love and all the best,

  • Kat

    Thanks for openly sharing your process. Our names are important, I took back my maiden name after I divorced, no regrets. I am getting married in May and not sure about changing it again, though my fiance is open to whatever I decide.

    I thought about what I need to release. Seeing myself as a helpless child and the resulting need to be whatever I think others want came to mind.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Patti

    It is NEVER too late. Period.

    God Bless.


  • Emma

    Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for sharing your story, it is so encouraging! I have done the ‘steps forward, steps back’ a few times over the past 18 months as I have worked towards dismantling my money blocks, and moving into a very new way of working. I caught myself only today when writing out my ‘weekly plan’ for January, making too much time for one to one client work, an area I am actively trying to move away from – the fear of not earning enough money if I give up one to one clients, and also the fear of judgement from others!
    I just asked my husband this evening (we were watching a tv show with a storyline about men, women and money), would he mind if I earned more than him. He said he didn’t think so. (He wasn’t 100% sure either though, interesting!). My 2-3 year plan is to actually earn enough to allow him to give up salaried work and do what he would love to do, which is build houses with his friend John (a Builder). Let me amend that….. my plan is to earn MORE than enough!
    Happy Christmas to all and very best wishes with your new venture in 2018 Barbara, and everyone else here with plans for financial emancipation in the New Year!

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