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8 Secrets to Higher Earnings

When I interviewed six-figure women, I discovered 8 secrets to becoming a high earner.

They weren’t at all what I expected.

I’ve listed them below.  Try them on. Test them out. Apply them to your situation. Do any conflict with your current assumptions?

Secret #1: Financial Success is possible in almost any field, and lack of education doesn’t have to hold you back!

Secret #2: Working hard doesn’t mean working all the time.

Secret #3: Focus on fulfilling your values rather than achieving financial goals.

Secret #4: Loving what you do is much more important than what you do.

Secret #5: Feel the fear. Have the doubts. Go for it anyway.

Secret #6: Think in terms of trade-offs, not sacrifices, to find a workable balance.

Secret #7: Sometimes you just have to shrug it off and have a good laugh.

Secret #8: Appreciate abundance

These 8 secrets became the guiding principles that shaped these women’s success. They certainly shaped mine. May they do the same for you.

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Let the Truth Be Told

I constantly get this question.

“I want to make more money. Where do I begin?”

My response usually comes as a surprise.
“Begin by admitting what’s not working in your life,” I say.

They look puzzled.

“There’s tremendous power in telling the truth,” I explain. “I noticed, in interviews with former underearners, that their financial achievement was often preceded by a financial or personal challenge.”

Problems have a purpose. They are there to get our attention.

Until you stop denying, or diminishing, your difficulties, you can’t possibly do anything differently.

Your first peek at the truth may evoke temporary panic. Rest assured, situations can rapidly improve once you take off the blindfold.

If you’re ready to see the truth, I’d love you to join me at my last LIVE Overcoming Underearning Webinar Course beginning April 4th.

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Afraid of Risk? Here’s the Antidote…

Warren Buffet once said: “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

In other words:

The biggest risk you take, in investing as in life, is making decisions based on fear, ignorance or habit rather than knowledge.

You want to minimize risk?

Keep educating yourself.  When it comes to investing, there’s always more to learn—which is what makes the subject so interesting.

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Gambling vs Investing

I’ve often heard people say: “Investing is no different that gambling.”

Au contraire. There is a big distinction between gambling and investing.

Gambling looks like this:

  • Buying stocks or bonds willy-nilly,
  • Following a hot tip
  • Purchasing the hottest fund,
  • Trying to time the market (buying when it’s high, freaking out and selling when it plunging),
  • Deferring decisions to another and sticking your head in the sand.

Investing, on the other hand, looks like this:

  • Creating a financial plan based on your goals and risk tolerance
  • Building a diversified portfolio, based on the plan.
  • Adhering to the plan until something changes.
  • Making decisions supported by your plan not your emotions.

If you don’t have an idea of where you want to end up, it will be far more difficult to make the right decisions. Which is exactly why I created One Year to Wealth…Becoming a Savvy Investor. If you want to become a Savvy Investor in 2017, join me for this year long course. Learn more.

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Investor, Know Thyself!

“If you don’t know who you are, the stock market is an expensive place to find out.” Adam Smith

You know what your biggest market risk really is? Not volatility. It’s YOU. Or rather YOU acting on emotions.

Any decisions based on fear or ignorance are never good in the long run. Their only purpose is to defuse tension so you feel better in the short term.

Research studies prove that people, you and I, hate to lose more than we love to win.

So, when markets correct (go down 10%), which they do quite regularly or when markets crash (fall 20% or more) which they do every so many years, our emotions, especially fear, take over. And we make very bad choices.

It also happens in reverse. When the market is on a run, there’s a tendency to take on too much risk. And follow the herd…like so many did during the tech boom and real estate boom.

That’s where knowledge—of the market AND of yourself—plays a critical role. The more you know about the way investing works AND what makes you tick, the easier it is to separate from the herd, manage your emotions, and make wise investment decisions.

Want to learn more investments and yourself? Join me for my year-long course One Year to Wealth…Becoming a Savvy Investor. Click here to learn more.

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Taking Risks. Building Trust.

Financial Success demands 2 things of you:

  • You must take risks
  • You must develop self-trust.

Without taking risks, you will forever be a victim, live in mediocrity…and play small.
Without trust, you will forever live in fear and self-protection…and play small.

Risk and Trust work in tandem. Every time you take a risk, even if you fall down (and you will fall down), if you get back up and keep going, learning from your mistakes until you eventually succeed, you’ll learn to trust yourself.

I really believe the financial risks necessary to create wealth, combined with the personal risks necessary to achieve Greatness, exponentially strengthens your level of trust in yourself.

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Why Financial Confidence is so Elusive for Women

I’m sure we can all agree. There’s no lack of info about money. It’s everywhere. So why, according to a 2015 Fidelity survey, do 80% of women lack the confidence to protect themselves financially?

I have a theory.
Managing money is a very different experience for men and women.  For men, investing is a practical process all about the transaction. Performance is everything.

For women, investing is about far more than amassing money. It’s about who we have to become, the internal changes we need to make to counter our cultural conditioning. This can be a very emotional process.   

But financial educators tend to take a strictly intellectual, left brain approach, deliberately steering clear of what’s been derisively mocked as ‘touchy-feely’ finances, shunning the very components that speak to, inspire and motivate women.  

I’m convinced, unless we explore our emotions, along with the facts, we’ll remain in resistance.  

We need more financial courses (and books) that look like this:

  • While studying the difference between growth and value stocks, you also focus on personal growth and valuing yourself.
  • While defining market risk and how to minimize it, you overcome your own resistance to taking those risks.
  • While engaging in financial planning for future goals, you work on disentangling yourself from the outmoded beliefs and prior programming holding you back.

Here’s an excellent place to start: Download the Money Minder® Personal Autobiography ebook for free here:

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Financial Problems? Make Them Your Friend.

If financial success has been illusive, take a tip from high earners. Their financial achievements are often preceded by a financial challenge. It was by finally facing the problem, head on, that they cleared the path to success.

A financial challenge could be anything from a gnawing sense something’s wrong to the gut wrenching pain of staggering debt.

Here’s what you need to understand. Financial problems are rarely about money. They are, more likely, the call of your soul trying to get your attention. What begins as a whisper, if ignored, will grow increasingly louder.

Instead of viewing the challenges as a curse, high earners saw every problem as a powerful opportunity for personal transformation.

Confronting and solving a financial challenge enabled them to walk through the door between the mediocre life they were living and the powerful life they could be creating.

There is no magic bullet for solving a financial challenge. Nor would you want one. It is the process that empowers.

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How Much Risk Can You Tolerate?

Risk tolerance. You’ve probably heard those words bandied about when talk turns to investing. But do you know what they mean?

Risk tolerance is generally defined as the ability to stomach large swings in the value of your investment portfolio.

Because the market, by nature, is very volatile, understanding your risk tolerance is vital for making prudent decisions.

Here are 3 factors to help you figure it out.

The first factor is time. When will you need the money? Generally, you can take a lot more risk if you’ve got 10-years or more. Money you need in the next 3-5 years should all be in cash. You don’t want to be forced to sell if the market is down.

The second factor is cash reserves. How much cash do you have on hand? If all your money is fully invested, with no extra cash to cover you unexpected expenses or emergencies, that would be a problem, especially if you have to sell when the market is down.

The third factor is sleep. How much volatility can you stand before you start stressing out, unable to sleep at night? We all know what happens if we don’t get enough shut-eye. Everyone suffers!

Those factors are crucial considerations. But in the end, risk is like spicy food…you don’t really know how much you can tolerate until you’ve tasted it.

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The Busy Woman’s Blueprint for Wealth Building 

Soon after divorcing my gambling husband, I got a call from a friend of my father. He wanted me to invest in a Limited Partnership he was forming, TJ Cinnamons, a fast food place that made sticky buns.

I had no idea what a Limited Partnership was, but this man was wealthy, smart, successful, so it had to be a great thing, right?

I didn’t know that you can’t sell shares in a Limited Partnership because there’s no market for it. When TJ Cinnamons went under, I lost my investment.

That calamity taught me a critical lesson. I call it the #1 Law of Investing: Never put money in anything you don’t understand. I was determined to educate myself.

That’s when I devised The Busy Woman’s Blueprint for Wealth Building. Otherwise known as the Osmosis School of Learning.  It consists of only 2 steps. Do them consistently, and you will be amazed, in just a short time, how much smarter you’ll be.

1) Everyday, read something about money, even if it’s just for a minute or two, even if it’s just glancing at the headlines of the business section of the newspaper, or a money magazine while you’re waiting in line at the grocery.

2) Every week, have a conversation about money.  You can learn so much from people smarter than you. Anytime you meet someone versed in investing, ask how they got smart, the mistakes they made, and what they’d recommend to help you learn.

Try these 2 steps and watch what happens. They worked so well for me that, to this day, I still do them.

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Meet Barbara Huson

When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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