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The Psychology of Affluence

Scott Fitzgerald once said to Hemingway “The rich are different from you and me.” To which the other author replied: “Yes, they have more money.”

True. But let’s take it a step deeper. The reason the rich have more money, I believe, is that they think differently.

My family was wealthy. So were most their friends. I’ve talked to thousands of affluent women. One day, I made a list of things I consistently hear them say, or imply. I’m not talking about highly paid celebrities that go bankrupt, but those who sustain their wealth over a long period.

I came up with 9 common threads that seem to represent how they think.

  1. I am confident about my ability to create wealth. It’s part of my self-image
  2. I respect money and I value myself.
  3. I understand and follow the financial basics.
  4. I see no obstacles. Only opportunities.
  5. I talk possibility. Not limitation.
  6. I’m willing to do the tough stuff (that scares everyone else…and also me!)
  7. I know how to use risk to amplify my wealth.
  8. I rely on a team to help me manage my money.
  9. I take responsibility…for everything.

These 9 traits make great affirmations. There are probably more. Anything you’d add to this list? Share in the comments.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Christy

    I write this out every day along with all of my goals.

    I am able to course correct quickly

  • Subrena

    Thanks for this article, Barbara. I am not sure if these would be affirmations, but they did challenge my thinking.

    1. Ruth Soukup said: “Do it scared”. I love that phrase.

    2. When I was network marketing, I complained to a leader in a different office about some challenge I was having. He asked: “What are you going to do about it?” That question forced me to check myself.

    • barbara huson

      I love these, Subrena! “Do it scared” is the #1 requirement for creating wealth. And “what are you going to do about it” gets right to the heart of taking responsibility. Thank you so much for sharing this !!!

  • lisa

    Good morning Barbara,

    Thank you for your inspiring articles

    Most wealthy people I know have standards about how life should be!

  • Susan Coleman

    Love this Barbara. Think these are really useful.

  • barbara huson

    Thank you so much for commenting, Lisa. I agree!

  • Tamsin

    Thank you for your incredible and inspiring work. When you say do the “tough stuff” what does that mean?

    Thank you

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