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What do Money and a Chainsaw Have in Common?

“Only those who have a real and lasting sense of abundance can be charitable.”~ACIM

As I see it,  money is merely a tool for living life on your own terms. But like any tool, you must understand how to use it skillfully and wisely to get the maximum benefit with minimum risk.

I think of my husband’s chainsaw which he expertly operates. In my hands, it would lead to disaster.

Let me give you the simple Instructions for skillfully handling money (also known as the 4 Rules of Wealth): 1)  Spend less; 2) Save more; 3) Invest wisely; 4)  Give generously

The first 3 are the How-to’s. The 4th is the Why.

If you’re having a hard time following the how-to instructions, perhaps you need a stronger, clearer why. This is what motivates women to become financially successful–not just having more money in the bank, but using it to help others.

 Those who master all four become what I call  Affluencers—women who not only create wealth but wield significant influence, in areas they feel passionate about.
What’s your Why? Leave a comment below.

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Meet Barbara Huson

When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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