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Let the Truth Be Told

I constantly get this question.

“I want to make more money. Where do I begin?”

My response usually comes as a surprise.
“Begin by admitting what’s not working in your life,” I say.

They look puzzled.

“There’s tremendous power in telling the truth,” I explain. “I noticed, in interviews with former underearners, that their financial achievement was often preceded by a financial or personal challenge.”

Problems have a purpose. They are there to get our attention.

Until you stop denying, or diminishing, your difficulties, you can’t possibly do anything differently.

Your first peek at the truth may evoke temporary panic. Rest assured, situations can rapidly improve once you take off the blindfold.

If you’re ready to see the truth, I’d love you to join me at my last LIVE Overcoming Underearning Webinar Course beginning April 4th.

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When Someone Calls You a Bitch, say Thank You!

One question I always ask financially successful women: What is your biggest regret?  

Almost everyone has the same response. Not speaking up sooner.

As one woman, a 7th grade drop out, told me, “You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you demand.”

But even the most successful found it downright scary to ask for what they wanted, to say no to what they didn’t.

You know why? Studies prove that assertive, forceful men are given high marks by their bosses.

Assertive, forceful women are labeled a bitch.  

I’m here to tell you—being a bitch is not a bad thing. That’s where our power is.

I’m not talking about the bitchy part. That’s the co-dependent in us who suppresses her true needs and gets very resentful.

The bitch is the powerful part who refuses to be a doormat, a victim, or tolerate injustices; who has the courage to be who she is and want what she wants.

She’s the Babe In Total Control of Herself.

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Do the Hard Work Do The Scary Stuff

Feel the Fear

If I had to point to the most important secret I learned from interviewing six-figure women, it would have to be this. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

These women were supremely confident. But they weren’t fearless. Quite the contrary.

Beneath their confident exteriors lurked layers of insecurity. Every woman admitted grappling with feelings of inadequacy, incompetence, and fear. I was stunned by how many felt like a fraud and were afraid others would find out.

That’s exactly how I felt. The only difference between them and me, I realized, was simply this—they did not let fear stop them. They felt the dread. Had the doubts. And did it anyway.

So guess what I began doing? How about you?

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Gambling vs Investing

I’ve often heard people say: “Investing is no different that gambling.”

Au contraire. There is a big distinction between gambling and investing.

Gambling looks like this:

  • Buying stocks or bonds willy-nilly,
  • Following a hot tip
  • Purchasing the hottest fund,
  • Trying to time the market (buying when it’s high, freaking out and selling when it plunging),
  • Deferring decisions to another and sticking your head in the sand.

Investing, on the other hand, looks like this:

  • Creating a financial plan based on your goals and risk tolerance
  • Building a diversified portfolio, based on the plan.
  • Adhering to the plan until something changes.
  • Making decisions supported by your plan not your emotions.

If you don’t have an idea of where you want to end up, it will be far more difficult to make the right decisions. Which is exactly why I created One Year to Wealth…Becoming a Savvy Investor. If you want to become a Savvy Investor in 2017, join me for this year long course. Learn more.

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The Ultimate High

It was a conversation I’ll never forget.

Soon after I sold my first book, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming: How Women Get Smart about Money, I flew to New York and had lunch with my editor. As we munched on our salads, I casually asked if she ever invested.

“Oh no,” she said, emphatically. “I have no money.” I could see she was embarrassed, so I dropped the subject.

A year after my book hit the stores, she called to confess.

“Remember that lunch when I told you I had no money,” she said. “Well I did, but it was all sitting in cash in my 401 (k). After working on your book, I realized how foolish that was. So I started educating myself, found an advisor, and it’s now fully invested. I even collected my spare change in a jar every night, and I’ve invested that too.”

She paused a moment, then added: “I watch the market go up and down, but I’m in it for the long haul, so I’m not worried at all.”

I practically jumped out of my chair in excitement. But then she said what I hear all the time from women when they finally take financial responsibility.

“I have to tell you, Barbara, I feel so powerful.”

Those four words captured the essence of my life’s work; why I’m so passionate about helping women financially. Sure, I want them to prosper. But more importantly, I want every woman to realize that by taking charge of her money, she’s taking charge of her life. The incredible sense of power this brings is the ultimate high.

And some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But if you’re like most women, the thought of investing feels more like climbing Mt. Everest–totally daunting, if not downright impossible. Actually I suspect some of you would rather take on the mountain than tackle the markets.

I know the feeling. I spent most of my adult life in a financial fog, letting my husband–a stockbroker turned compulsive gambler (really!)–handle our finances. I was too scared, felt too stupid, to take charge. Of course, he lost almost everything. We got a divorce. He left the country. My father wouldn’t lend me money. I got the message. I wasn’t going to raise my 3 young daughters on the street. I had to do something…fast.

I tried to learn. I went to classes, read books, but my eyes would glaze over, my brain would fog up. I figured I was terminally stupid.

Then I made a very wise decision. I gave myself a year to learn about finances. And I’d do it my own way. I’d not only study the facts, I’d also explore my fears. So while diligently doing the outer work, I dove deep into the inner work, combining the practical with the psychological.

And it worked. I became a savvy investor and successful wealth builder. If I had to sum up what I learned, it would be this: Wealth doesn’t come from what you earn, but from what you do with what you earn.

  • You build wealth by following the 3 Rules of Money: Spend Less, Save More, Invest Wisely.
  • At least some money must be invested in assets (stocks, bonds, real estate) that grow faster than inflation and taxes can take it away. – Investing is a lot simpler than you think (though there’s a whole industry trying to convince us otherwise!).
  • It doesn’t take a lot of money to create wealth or a lot of time to get smart.
  • And though it’s best to start when you’re young, it’s never, ever too late to begin.

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The Psychology of Affluence

Scott Fitzgerald once said to Hemingway “The rich are different from you and me.” To which the other author replied: “Yes, they have more money.”

True. But the more important question is: Why do they have more money?

The reason, I believe, is that the rich think differently.

I grew up wealthy. I’ve talked to thousands of affluent women. I’m not talking about highly paid celebrities that go bankrupt, but those who sustain their wealth over a long period.

One day, I made a list of things I consistently hear the affluent say, or imply. I came up with 9 common statements that seem to represent how they think.

  1. I am confident about my ability to create wealth. It’s part of my self-image
  2. I respect money and I value myself.
  3. I understand and follow the rules of money (spend less; save more; invest wisely).
  4. I see no obstacles. Only opportunities.
  5. I talk possibility. Not limitation.
  6. I’m willing to do the tough stuff (that scares everyone else…and also me!)
  7. I know how to use risk to amplify my wealth.
  8. I rely on a team to help me manage my money.
  9. I take responsibility…for everything.

If you can think of more, I’d love to hear them. Also, these 9 statements make great affirmations.

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Why Financial Confidence is so Elusive for Women

I’m sure we can all agree. There’s no lack of info about money. It’s everywhere. So why, according to a 2015 Fidelity survey, do 80% of women lack the confidence to protect themselves financially?

I have a theory.
Managing money is a very different experience for men and women.  For men, investing is a practical process all about the transaction. Performance is everything.

For women, investing is about far more than amassing money. It’s about who we have to become, the internal changes we need to make to counter our cultural conditioning. This can be a very emotional process.   

But financial educators tend to take a strictly intellectual, left brain approach, deliberately steering clear of what’s been derisively mocked as ‘touchy-feely’ finances, shunning the very components that speak to, inspire and motivate women.  

I’m convinced, unless we explore our emotions, along with the facts, we’ll remain in resistance.  

We need more financial courses (and books) that look like this:

  • While studying the difference between growth and value stocks, you also focus on personal growth and valuing yourself.
  • While defining market risk and how to minimize it, you overcome your own resistance to taking those risks.
  • While engaging in financial planning for future goals, you work on disentangling yourself from the outmoded beliefs and prior programming holding you back.

Here’s an excellent place to start: Download the Money Minder® Personal Autobiography ebook for free here: http://www.financialrecovery.com/free-stuff/

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Are YOU Wealthy?

Raise your hand if you feel wealthy. (I’m specifically talking about money here.) If not, how much do you need to feel wealthy?

Think about it.

One thing I know for sure, wealth is not an amount. It’s a mindset. I’ve met women worth over $10m who don’t feel rich. I know many who have far less, and consider themselves wealthy.

What we need is a universal definition of wealth. And here’s what I propose: wealth means you have more than enough.

In other words, you know you’re wealthy when money ceases to be a source of stress and becomes a useful tool for creating the life of your dreams.

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Let’s Talk About the Taboo

I’d like to share an exercise I gave participants at a recent retreat. I call it The Sacred Wealth Circle.

On a blank piece of paper, draw a large circle. Inside the circle, write the names of people you can talk to about money, wealth, and power.

Then, outside the circle, write down the names of people you are close to, but can’t discuss finances because they tend to be naysayers or aren’t interested.

What did you discover?

To create wealth and claim our power, we need support…from other women, mentors and financial experts. Sure, no one can take responsibility for us. But we cannot—should not—do it alone.

An Emory University study revealed: “The pleasure and reward centers of a woman’s brain light up if they can work towards their financial goals in collaboration with other women.”

The world needs more supportive communities of women talking openly, candidly about topics that have been taboo for centuries: money, wealth, and power. Won’t you join me on the first Monday of every month for my free call? https://www.barbara-huson.com/seminars/money-mondays/

It’s a safe place to talk about money, as women.

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Lifting the Financial Fog

I lived most of my life in a financial fog. But the fog finally lifted when I stopped focusing exclusively on the Outer Work of Wealth (practical), and began doing the Inner Work of Wealth (psychological) and the Higher Work of Wealth (spiritual).

I’m here to tell you, when these three strands are braided together, miracles occur.  Attaining knowledge and competency is important, just as releasing emotional blocks and outmoded beliefs are liberating.

But when you bring in the third prong, the Higher Work, you’ll notice a significant shift.  When you take the admonition on our currency to heart—In God we trust—something remarkable happens.

Resistance dissolves. Fear shrivels. Discouragement gives way to inspired commitment and impressive courage. Struggle is replaced by unexpected synchronicities and a deep sense of trust in the inexplicable forces of the Universe.  The process becomes a transformational journey, a sacred initiation into our power.

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Meet Barbara Huson

When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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