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Don’t Even Try to Have It All Figured Out!

Guess what the biggest roadblock is to your success? Those devilish how-tos. You know, thinking you have to have it all figured before you begin. Because that’s exactly what slows you down, or keeps you stuck

Those who have the most trouble thinking bigger are the ones who have to know exactly how they’re going do it. And if they can’t figure it out, they lower their sights.

I was in this category most of my life…until I interviewed six-figure women. 

I learned from them a three-step plan. 

  • Set a goal.
  •  Commit to reach it (without knowing exactly how).
  •  And grab hold of any unexpected opportunities that fall in your lap.

The second step is where the power is. Commitment, like a magnet, attracts coincidences. I always say, once you commit to a goal, if you’re not experiencing coincidences, go back to the drawing board. You’re obviously not totally committed.

That’s the way it happened for me. In 2008, I decided to earn $125,000. When I told my now ex-husband, he burst out laughing. I did too. It sounded ridiculous coming from a chronic underearner.

I had no idea how I was going to do it. But as I learned from the women I was interviewing, I didn’t need to have a full blown plan in place.

I just needed to take advantage of synchronicities. Of course, coincidences always lay just outside our comfort zone.

Here is the real secret to success: let go of control and do what comes next, especially if you’re scared to death to do it.

What are you scared to death to do? Leave me a comment below!

Comments & Feedback

  • Debbie

    I am building my first home and I am 63. I am totally “winging” it and am terrified as often as I’m excited.

  • Lisa

    Ideally “some” of it or “most” of it should be figured out. However, you’re right. There’s always something unexpected or some little set back you weren’t prepared for. The important thing is to work it out along the way. Don’t quit or give up !

    • barbara huson

      Actually Lisa, I mean NOT trying to figure it all out ahead of time, but having a goal or intention and then seeing what the Universe brings your way., or what intuitive urges come to you. Too many people get stuck or discouraged and give up because they can’t figure it all out ahead of time. I do this all the time.

  • Lisa

    Okay, that’s interesting.

    I’ve seen people and I’ve personally experienced a couple of times starting things based on intuition without doing any prior research. I’ve even seen a friend get SCAMMED by just jumping in! You did mention “figure it all out”. Agree, some of it will come later in bits and bobs.

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