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The Life Changing Power of Setting Strong Boundaries

In my interviews with High Earners I always asked: “Are you doing what you’re doing for the money?”

Almost to a woman, their response was a vehement NO. Passion, challenge, and recognition drove them. But not the money.

Here’s the catch. In the next breath, they all said the same thing. “But I damn well want to be well compensated…because I know I’m worth it!”

Where did their strong sense of self-worth come from? I soon discovered the answer.

These women forced themselves to set strong boundaries. They asked for what they wanted and said ‘no’ to what they didn’t. Over and over again.

This simple (but scary) act was the secret to their financial success. Here’s why:

  • Asking for more is an act of self-love
  • Saying no is a statement of self-respect.
  • Refusing to settle is a show of self-esteem.
  • And walking away is a sign of self-trust.

Whenever you stand up for what you want, whenever you refuse to take less than you deserve, you reinforce your self-love, self-respect, self-worth, and self-trust.

In time, you’ll begin to notice a shift in how you feel about yourself.

Speaking up becomes not something you should do, but something you have to do— because you know in your heart you’re worth it.

Where do you need to set boundaries by speaking up?

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Comments & Feedback

  • Nina

    I think I’m going to have those four bullet points tattooed on my forearms – or somewhere that I SEE THEM DAILY!!! I really needed this. Thank you!

  • Gianna Miceli

    I’ll tell you what having boundaries does. It exposes friendships.

    Downgrades them to acquaintances.
    Because once you’re a woman of value, you can’t hangout with women without value.’

    I find myself not even being mad.
    Just realizing a woman is still a people pleaser not owning her value yet.

    I see this in my clients.
    A women who suffered 18 years of hives and is 80 pounds overweight would rather keep her boyfriend and sitting on a bar stool next to him on the weekends eating friend foods than get rid of her hives and obesity than lose this guy.

  • Brona Malone

    Awwww Barbara!! You changed your name – delighted for you… I love this reminder – so perfect – thank you thank you! Super for me today… xxxxx

    Ps – I’m a hardback fan of Sacred Success – I love your work ❤️

    • barbara stanny

      ooops…my reply to you went under the next comment…don’t know how to change it. Sorry…but I want to be sure you saw it Brona

  • Maria

    Great advice – still working on the “I’m not good enough till I’m perfect” belief but at least I’m aware of it now and starting to let go in small ways. Have saved your words to help me keep moving in the right direction – thank you!

  • Sheree Fitch

    Your book Sacred Success “fell” into my hands at exactly the right moment. I mean that literally. I was tidying shelves of books intending to pass on the ones I no longer wanted or hadn’t read. I’m SO glad I stopped and opened up yours! This time Every Word spoke to me. GRATEFUL! Also it shows how there is a divine calendar at work… maybe we come to certain wisdom or necessary wisdom comes to us when we are ready to hear and see. And most need it. I just opened my first business at age 60 motivated for many reasons other than money but I quickly learned I had a lot to learn about my relationship with money Far from “rich”, but the lessons in this book still all apply and best of all make me feel I am on the right track. Thank you !

  • barbara huson

    I’m so happy your wrote to tell me about your experience, Sheree. I so love to hear about synchronicities like this. I truly believe that things come to us when we’re ready…and not a moment earlier. I’m rooting for your financial success. And remember…it’s NOT about money…it’s about you stepping fully into your power!

  • Tricia

    Boundaries has been my new word since I broke up with my last boyfriend who was manipulating and overprotective. He would be upset that I would chose family over him when it came to holidays and vacations. I know that our relationship is important but how do you draw the line when you already promised your family that you will be there…just because you are now in a new relationship do you have to change everything for him? Doesn’t show that you are not reliable to the family? Makes you wonder how much that boundaries can be for a person. Right now, I’m struggling with them because I want to use them and not be a pushover as I have been for most of my life – but why I do I get the ugly gut feeling by trying to abide by these boundaries. Makes you wonder. 🙁

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