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Pondering Your Purpose

Mark Twain once said: “The two most important days in life are the day you were born and the day you discover the reason why.” 


I can’t think of a more productive way to use this time in quarantine—even as restrictions begin to lift—to ponder your purpose…to ask yourself: Why am I here on this planet at this time? 


There’s immense power in having a clear and focused purpose, especially when you’re navigating turbulent seas. 


No matter how frightened you are or how impossible it seems, a strong sense of mission turns ‘I want to’ into ‘I HAVE to.’ 


Purposes can range from the extremely ambitious (create world peace) to the seemingly trivial (spread joy). And your purpose may change as you change.


If you’re unsure of your purpose, here are 4 places to look.


1. In Past Pain

I’m not sure our life purpose has to come from pain (though mine did), but it’s a good place to start. What has been your most painful challenge in life?


2. In World Problems

Ask yourself: What is the one problem in the world that you yearn to see solved, and would be willing to spend the next 10 years of your life working on, talking about, and being part of the solution for?  


3. In Childhood Play

As we look back at the tapestry of our lives, it’s easy to spot certain threads that show up in our youth and continually repeat, displaying an unwavering pattern holding clues to our purpose. What did you love to play as a kid?


4. In Secret Wishes

Once, someone asked me: “If you could have anyone’s job, whose would it be?” That was easy. Neil Diamond’s. I yearned to write my songs and sing them. OK, so I can’t carry a tune. But I’ve managed to write my songs (books) and sing (teach) them. If you could have anyone’s job, whose would it be?


I’d love to hear about your purpose. Leave me a comment below.


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Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa


    I’m in the middle of reading a book you recommended last year called “The Calling”.

    Had to take a break from reading the book, because the information was so powerful! I needed to practice aligning my words and actions with everything I decided to do and who I decided to talk to, so I could practice my purpose!

  • Rhonda

    I just adore you! This piece about purpose is exACTLY what I have been struggling with! I have survived cancer, retirement & now COVID19 & I still can’t figure out my purpose—
    If I could have anyone’s job, it would be across between Oprah & Stephen Sondheim-both transform & enrich lives-Oprah by deeply connecting with all kinds of people & Sondheim writing music the world is moved by & hums, still!

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