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If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I’m writing my 7th book, Rewire for Wealth. My publisher’s given me a very tight deadline. With holidays looming, I’ve decided to take a short break from my weekly blog.
But, I don’t want to leave you, my loyal readers, without some weekly encouragement so my wonderful assistant, Lynda Jo, will be posting past blogs you may have missed—or, as is so often the case, you need to review again (it’s amazing how things will land in your inbox just when you need them). You’ll also see updates on my writing progress.
Here’s the first encore from August, 2018.

My Personal Experience in Rewiring

I’m making myself crazy. I’ve been doing it for months. Ever since I decided I was ready to birth my next book. In a fit of over-zealous optimism, I gave myself till summer’s end to finish the proposal.

Well, summer is quickly coming to a close. My proposal, however, is nowhere near completion. Not even close. I’ve been beating myself up—unmercifully—for missing my goal.

I’m a big believer in setting deadlines. They’re terrific tools for staying on track. But, I’m recognizing, there’s a major downside to made-up deadlines.

The trouble comes when I don’t meet them. Rather than rethink the timing, I scold myself severely for screwing up.  

Oh the absurdity of artificial deadlines! Yet, on reflection, I realize I’ve done this my whole life.

In fact, I suddenly realize, it’s actually a habit that’s been hardwired in my brain. And the very thing I’m writing my book about—3 steps to rewiring the brain—is precisely what I need to put into practice. Yes, there’s hope!!!

I’ve already begun the 1st Step: Recognize. I clearly see that chastising myself for falling short of an arbitrary deadline is unhealthy, unproductive and habitual. Sure, deadlines can be motivating. But self-flagellation is no way to foster creativity.  

Now, the 2nd step, Reframe. I need to see this differently. Looking back, I realize (big sigh!) proposals always got written, projects always got completed…just not on my schedule. Instead of defying the current, what if I deferred to Divine timing?  Only in hind sight can I possibly know what’s actually in my own best interest.

Finally the 3rd step, Respond Differently. I make a promise to myself. From now on, if I’m feeling stuck, if doors stay closed, if nothing flows freely and it ceases to be fun, I’m viewing these as indicators that it’s time to surrender and reassess rather than doggedly pursue a rigid decision.

The essence of my rewiring experience boils down to this: I’d rather live with the tranquility that comes from trusting a Higher Power than the stress of self-imposed pressure.

Are you still pursuing a goal that’s past its “expiration date”?  Why? Leave a comment below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Christy

    I’m not a financially successful woman, but I should be and I hope to achieve some improvement in the next few years before retiring. I’m tired of being neglecting, discriminated against and used as a stepping stone for others financial gain. Hope you can provide some useful nuggets for me.
    I believe you can.

    • barbara huson

      I’d love to help you, Christy. But I can’t provide appropriate nuggets without talking to you. Why don’t you consider joining my online community The Wealth Connection, where I do group coaching twice a week…you get support from the whole community on our facebook page and the live calls…and we hear from a financial expert once a month. I can hear the frustration in your ‘voice’…it’s not too late.

  • Kathy Burke

    Great Barbara! Continue Writing! And yes I also know that time takes it’s own time. I’m needing to take more time than I planned to write and submit letters to galleries. Today I thought, “Hey just get back into painting again….Maybe it’s not time for the big break thru….Maybe that will come evan later in life. I hear Van Morrison’s song “Hard nose the highway” with the refrain “maybe it’s not today …maybe tomorrow….further up on the road”. So after a Thai massage today
    I have a new mantra: I AM IN MY TIME. I AM IN MY PLACE. All love to you, Kathy

  • barbara huson

    Beautiful Kathy. I love the idea of you focusing on your paintings. And when you feel guided to write those letters, that will be the right time. I had a hell of a time motivating myself to write my proposal…I pushed myself unmercifully for months. Then all of sudden, last fall, I sat down and wrote the whole thing in two months…no resistance. Timing is everything!!!!!! Big hugs to you. I always love hearing from you!

  • Lisa


    Congratulations on writing your 7th book, “Rewire for Wealth”! Please let us all know when it’s published so we can read it.

    I had to submit a math assignment one day late. By doing so, I clearly understood everything and got everything correct without any help, however I also got penalized by 10%, which is ridiculous because I’m an adult, I’m paying a lot of money to take the course and it was handed in during the same session.

    After studying “feminine arts” I learned the difference between feminine timing and masculine timing. The masculine is all about due dates and deadlines, whereas women have babies so it’s all about arriving when it’s supposed to come – around about this time. Maybe one or two weeks later, maybe prematurely.

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