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Money is Emotional

I’ve got a beef with the financial industry. And the financial media. And most financial books.

They are preoccupied with the Outer Work of money while ignoring the Inner Work. This myopic perspective occurs for one reason.

Financial education has been created mostly by men.

A few years ago, I was talking to a male pollster who was conducting a Harris Interactive survey for a major financial firm. He had just come from a series of focus groups.

“What did you learn?” I asked him.

“You know,” he responded with surprise, “Money is a very emotional topic for women!”

I had to laugh. Like this was brand new information (which, of course, it is to most men)?

But as I learned from personal experience—unless you deal with your psyche, you’ll likely sabotage your success.

If you’re stuck, overwhelmed, or indecisive, the solution rarely lies in doing more Outer Work. The key is dealing with your internal blocks, limiting beliefs, and early decisions.

Until you consciously examine your early programming and intentionally change it, you’ll be like puppets pulled by the strings of your past.  


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Comments & Feedback

  • Jeanne

    I’ve always said that there is some spiritual aspect of money that I am not getting. I feel confident that once I can get that figured out I will finally get a head. Thanks for acknowledging this! Now if I can only get my “emotional” money thing figured out…

    • barbara stanny

      Thanks for your comment Jeanne! Have you read my Sacred Success book? I think that would help you immensely in understanding the spiritual and emotional aspects of finance. Let me know…

    • barbara stanny

      Thanks for your comment, Jeanne. I highly recommend my latest book, Sacred Success…I think it would go a long way in helping you understand the spiritual AND emotional aspects of finances. Also, the first Monday of every month I have a FREE call where we talk openly and honestly about the spiritual, emotional and practical aspects of money. I’d love to talk to you personally about this subject.

  • Elisabeth

    Thank you for this. You know, I’m an attorney. Well educated, hard working. Had my own practice for years and I’ve never accumulated any wealth. And I believe it’s absolutely an inside job. I don’t believe I’m deserving and the fear of being without disables me. But at 50 years old it’s getting too late. I’m stuck. Just found you recently, Barbara and I’m grateful for that. 🙂

    • barbara stanny

      I promise you, Elisabeth, 50 IS NOT TOO LATE. I PROMISE. I’ve worked with women way older than you…and in fact…I was in my late 40’s when I started. Please join me on my free calls the first Monday of the month, and I’d love to talk to you about what you can do!!!

  • Jehna

    Thank you for writing this article. I totally agree that money is emotional for it brings up survival for me for not having enough, watching my parents fight over it and my mother trying to take away my saving account book (how it was recorded back in 1974). I also have noticed thatI rather not know how much I spend, the clearer I know where each penny is going the more scared I get, thus I have no budget set, I just spend and miraculously there’s money I can use to pay for the ‘want’ items. I also have notice whenever I get very clear on money i could hardly breath, heart beating and racing with mind spinning and sweaty hands… all pretty dramatic and uncomfortable. So far, I’ve just dealt with it by being in the ‘fog’ with money. The episode with my mother and I fighting for the saving account booklet, I decided if I don’s spend it then someone is bound to take it from me. Most unfortunate i have this trauma with money!!!

    • barbara stanny

      Jehna, I’m so sad to hear how traumatized you are around money. I wish i could convince you to get help from a therapist that specializes in trauma healing. I hate for you to live your life like this…when it can be so different…so much freer…so much easier. My heart goes out to you. I’m sending hugs…and prayers for healing.

  • Jerie

    I agree that women are better at handling money and investing . My mother modeled this knowledge and I have passed it on to my daughter. The strings of my past have enabled us to carry on my mother’s legacy. The only difference is during my mother’s financial boom, banks were paying 10% on CDs while making loans at 18%. I programmmed my daughter by switching to investing in mutual funds while she was in high school. She is now 39 with investments in retirement, profits from the sale of two condos, and living independently free of any kind of male financial support. I divorced after 33 years and live mortgage free in a small condo. I chose to have retirement funds from the stock market rather than real estate in my financial portfolio. We love the freedom of making our own decisions free from male intervention. Strings are not necessarily negative forces that lead to distorted thinking!

  • barbara stanny

    I have just voted you Mother of the Year for how you are raising your daughter to be financially responsible. You are my hero. We need more mothers like you…and the one you had. I remember when I was going through my financial crisis, wanting to be a better role model for my kids is what motivated me through the fear. Thank you so much for being a powerful role model!

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