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Is Money a Pressing Priority?

You say you want to make more money, right?

But understand this. Nothing will happen until you consciously decide to make financial success a pressing priority.

A decision is not the same as a goal. A goal denotes the desired destination. A decision implies the determination to reach it.

Here’s the beauty of a committed decision. You don’t need to have a plan all figured out. All you have to do is decide what you want and do what comes next.

Decisions are like magnets. They attract opportunities.

But be warned: those opportunities always lie outside your comfort zone.

You’ll come to a point where you must decide what you’re really committed to: increasing your income or staying where it’s safe.

You can’t have both. Have you done anything recently that’s outside your comfort zone? Leave me a comment below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Cynthia

    I feel way out of my comfort zone right now, as I am changing to becoming self-employed. Every fiber of my being desires to be safe, and is resisting change, but I know this change is right for me. Magic happens in the unknown. Thank you for this reminder.
    PS I am out of debt, and am building wealth now!!!!

    • barbara huson

      Congratulations on being debt free. Woo Hoo! That’s awesome. And BIG congratulations for having the courage to go out on your own. You’re so right…magic happens in the unknown. I wish you tremendous success!!! And thanks so much for posting!

  • Jan

    Hello Barbara…yes, indeed, I have done much outside of my comfort zone over the last 10 years and am just getting back into one, though it comes with a cost. Permit me to elaborate…..

    I was ostensibly homeless for five years until the fall of 2018, as I traveled across the country from the East Coast to the West, house and pet sitting as I drove up the West Coast, as far as Port Townsend, where I see you are located. It was a wonderful place, the Pacific Northwest, but I was so far outside my comfort zone during this time, mostly due to my meager Social Security income…most of the pet sitting positions were unpaid. I was hoping to find a place where I would prefer to live, so I kept moving on, ultimately realizing that everywhere was somewhat outside of my comfort zone, as it was too expensive for me to live there–anywhere. I had been a refugee from the Crash of 2008 in NYC, where I’d lost my job, home and the small savings and security that I’d had before landing in another state for a few years, and knew that I wouldn’t truly find comfort again until I was able to earn back my financial security. But I hadn’t been able to recoup my losses or move forward with the jobs that were available to me, which was why I’d taken to exploring on my road trip.

    Since returning to the East Coast, as a mostly retired person, I have become a more professional pet sitter, and many of those jobs are beyond anyone’s comfort zone, but I’ve spent the last year trying to carve out a new one, as I have, at least, moved into a home of my own and am no longer having to drive to my next place of shelter, which was always someone else’s home. A part-time job as a virtual assistant permitted me to earn the extra capital needed to rent an apartment again and get my possessions out of storage. However, that extra income has departed and, at nearly 70 years old, I’m not thriving financially, so I’m still out of my comfort zone, as I know there must be some clever options for me that I haven’t yet discovered. I have certain administrative and creative skills, but they are not necessarily easily transferable into income, and I’m not sure where to invest my efforts. And did I mention that ageism has been a factor in becoming disenfranchised…?

    I enjoy being entrepreneurial and working on my own, so figure that there should be some use for someone like me…and I’m sure there are many, many more like me, actively seeking how to rediscover a comfort zone, though finding it necessary to receive government help until such time as they make those vital connections.

    Any recommendations for someone who doesn’t have the means to invest in a business-building course or mentoring program? I know that it’s my birthright to have what I need in order to thrive, and that the energy of this new year is pushing us all towards what each of us wants to achieve, so my intention is to use it to build and create whatever I’m able to this year and onward……and that’s my wish for everyone.

  • barbara huson

    Jan, you have obviously been through quite a lot. My heart goes out to you. But I’m also impressed with how you’ve stayed afloat and managed to have your own place to live now. That’s wonderful. I imagine if you found one VA job, you certainly could find another. At the very least, I know you’ll find something…you’re quite resourceful!!! I wish you so much success….I’m praying for you!

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