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Is It Just Me? Or Are You Angry Too?

Excuse me while I vent. My insides are seething with rage and frustration. I write this to make sense of it all.

My fury was fostered during the 2016 election with the alarming rise of blatant misogyny, which despite #MeToo, continues to intensify.

It’s certainly not all men. But reading the news is both infuriating and deeply painful. I feel like my heart is being ripped from my chest every time I witness another woman being belittled, harassed, marginalized or disparaged.

As one who’s devoted my entire career to women’s liberation and empowerment, I feel inexpressibly sad. And deeply disturbed by what I see. Even Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg recently announced that women’s progress has essentially “dragged to a halt.”

And she issued a dire warning, reported in the Wall Street Journal: “We’re at a really critical moment. Women are entering the US workforce in the highest numbers in decades, but gender parity isn’t improving.”

Yes, we’re “liberated.” We’re free to work…or not. But alas (heavy sigh) we have yet to be respected, valued or treated as equals.

If, as Sheryl cautioned, this is a critical moment, what can I, what can we do?

The instant I asked that question, I heard Gandhi’s guidance. What if we, as individuals, intensify our efforts to become the change we want to see in the world?

What if we each focus on strengthening our own sense of self-respect by ceasing to belittle, marginalize, or disparage our self?

What if you and I genuinely valued all that we bring to the table, especially those gifts we take for granted? What if each of us commits to reaching our fullest potential, despite the obstacles and fears?

Is that the solution for transforming our divisive culture into one of mutual respect? I have no idea. But it’s a place to start. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue. Leave me a comment below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • shannon takacs

    i have been following Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin on Facebook for almost 2 years to keep up with the american political situation ( as a canadian ) and she is adamant that we must USE our anger to create change …. she daily ( in her fb videos m-f ) gives a list of things that everyone can do d.a.i.l.y. to make a difference, and actively use your voice to get people to vote, help with campaigning, etc etc etc instead of feeling overwhelmed & simply enraged … with 7 days left before midterms i highly recommend everyone visit her page to get daily inspiration to keep going even tho most everyone is saturated with emotional overwhelm !!! #useyouranger #govote

    • barbara huson

      Thank you sooooo much Shannon for this resource. I will head right to her FB page as soon as I’m done hear. She sounds like someone I really need to connect with. I really appreciate this!

  • PJ

    I have had to DO something so Canvassing, sending texts via programs set up by groups I respect, my daughter at 11 is now in Maryland Future Voters program and will be assisting at polls. I will be at PTA bake sale at school at polls for morning voting . Have a simple piece of paper in the back window of my car asking “Are you ready to vote?”
    Took (3) 11 yr old girls to play Anne Frank’s diary at local theater and will take (5)11-12 yr olds to play in DC the Agitators.
    Took entire GS troop to Self – defense class after boys started hitting girls at recess. Spoke up when principal’s response was “well there must have been something SHE did”.
    Praised teacher and thanked her several times when she addressed entire class Re racism after my child and other Hispanic kids were told to go back where they came from (3rd grade playground talk during elections) and specifically told the Hispanic kids SHE would do all she could to protect them and that they were safe in school. Thank you Ms. Perlman!!!!!!
    Cried my eyes out the week of Kavanaugh hearings and talked to other women about our experiences. Made sure conversations in workplace regarding these trials, (yes the women were on trial!) were mindful there could be women around who have experienced this very thing. Talked to men about respect and consent. Made sure I asked every mother of boy(s) how they were addressing misogyny and what they were teaching with their boys.
    Not backing down or remaining quiet when I hear any rascist or misogynistic comments

    • barbara huson

      Wow, PJ…I am totally blown away by your fierceness in action. I needed this reminder that, yes, there is actually a lot I can do…just look around…opportunities for change are everywhere. Thank you for opening my eyes and inspiring my soul xo

  • Marcia VanderWoude

    Oh Barbara, I so agree. We have to keep moving forward. With love, Marcia VanderWoude, author of $avvy Women $mart Choices.

  • Beatrice

    Hi Barbra,

    I’ve been feeling very much the same lately too. My heart breaks when I watch the news so I usually don’t. I’ve also been trying to focus on my strengths and further grow my own intuition. Sometimes the noise still gets through. I see the pain that other lady friends are in and how they become almost immobilized by all the sadness and anger and frustration. But I know I can’t stop my growth. I know the only true control that I have is on myself. So I really try to remember that we have two choices for any situation: love or fear. And that even through dark times, amazing things are in the works.

    Thank you for all the incredible work that you do!
    I’ve been such a fan for a few years now and please know that your work has been an inspiration for me.

    Lots of love and hugs,

    • barbara huson

      Beatrice, I just want to throw my arms around you in gratitude for sharing with me your loving perspective and your deep wisdom….and your lovely praise. I love everything you said. Yes, even in the darkest of times, miracles occur. I so believe that! I just needed a reminder! xo

  • Patricia

    Barbara, You answered the question right here!:

    “What if we each focus on strengthening our own sense of self-respect by ceasing to belittle, marginalize, or disparage our self?
    What if you and I genuinely valued all that we bring to the table, especially those gifts we take for granted? What if each of us commits to reaching our fullest potential, despite the obstacles and fears?”

    The reason misogyny seems to be at an all time high is that the recent events of the past year or so has scared them. They realize that they are under attack and that they can’t get away with all that they were getting away with up until now. Misogynists fed on creating fear – on making women afraid to voice any dissent. They got away with a lot of the mess they created by keeping women silent and by keeping other men either in the dark or persuaded to remain silent as well. Now that the silence is breaking, they are realizing that the power that they obtained at women’s expense is ending – and they are trying to use their old strategy of fear to gain some of it back.

    I hope women everywhere have a solid message to give them that they can’t and won’t do that. I’m with you on this!

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