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I Really Want To…But I’m So Damn Scared!

dedicate this to the women in my ReWIRE Mentorship Program—and all of you—who are on the verge of taking a big leap.] 

Maybe you’re ready to open your own business. Or your gut’s saying ‘slow down, spend time in stillness.’ Or it’s become quite clear—you’ve got to start setting stronger boundaries.

You really want to take the next step. But you can’t. Fear, like a colossal boulder, stands in your way.

Of course you’re afraid. Fear is normal, inevitable, whenever you leave the comfort of the familiar and venture into the unknown.

The goal is not to eliminate fear. Because you can’t. The goal is to act in spite of it. 

The best advice I’ve ever read was in an interview with writer Ray Bradbury. “Just jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down,” he said, later adding, “If you’re too cautious, you’ll miss life.”

There’s no way around it. If you’re going for Greatness, there’s only one path: feel the fear, endure the discomfort, observe the resistance, and go for it anyway. (On the other side of fear you’ll find your power.)

But hear this! You don’t have to do it alone. The best antidote to fear, for us women, is surrounding yourself with a supportive community. 

That’s why I’m starting a brand new virtual community for financially aspiring women, The Wealth Connection. (Details coming soon! Get priority notification here.)

As high earner Karen Page once told me:“Success is a social activity.  You can’t do it alone. You just can’t.”  Amen to that!!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how a supportive community (of lack of one) has impacted you. Leave me a comment below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Katie

    Sometimes I just need to bounce things off people, not just friends. A quick email or a brief phone call. A community would be helpful.

    • barbara huson

      I’m right there with you, Katie. I need the same thing. That’s why I’m forming a new virtual community…for just this reason!!! I hope you’ll look into it. Thanks for your comments!

  • Kelley Dendel

    I LOvE this idea. I moved and lost all my support. Virtual is great as well. I’m about ready to take some giant leaps!!!!

    • barbara huson

      That’s wonderful Kelley. I’d LOVE to support you…and offer you the support of other women…with your giant leaps!!!

    • Belisia Casebeer

      Agree! I am in a similar situation Kelley. It’s really exciting to have options for support when traditional relationships are not available.

  • Belisia Casebeer

    I love and need this ! I have been searching for a community I can belong to that will help me grow spiritually and professionally. I have prayed for mentoring and this would such a blessing to my life! Thank you for all you do!

  • Lisa

    Hello Barbara,

    Community keeps me really centered and in touch with my better self. Thank you for newsletters. You’ve helped me make a lot of small changes.

    Regarding this quote; “Just jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down,” he said, later adding, “If you’re too cautious, you’ll miss life.” Something about it made me feel SO uncomfortable! I think I believe in managed risk and someone once made a comment about me being too cautious. It really annoyed me because I’ve take many risks. I left home when I was 22 to live and work in a foreign country where I knew nobody. I believe if you’re about to start your own business, it’s wise to have some sort of buffer. A kind of safety net in case those wings don’t come out in time. For example, I personally wouldn’t be advising people to just suddently quit their job to start their own business. Maybe I’d be advising saving an emergency fund to help with any obstacles a long the way.

    Sorry for the vent.

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