How to Save When You’re Cash Strapped—A True Story

Q. I know saving money is important, but what if there’s nothing left over to save?

A. I’ll let Suzanne Ahmed Leonora respond. She answers this question better than I ever could. When I got an email from her last week, I was so inspired, she gave me permission to share it with you.

“Barbara, I really feel that ‘pay yourself first’ has been critical to my success. I’ve been saving this year and paid off $2000 of debt.

I started small, of course, with $5 per monthly paycheck which I moved into my savings account before I even bought food. And I always said thank you.

That simple gesture felt so strange, so right, and so powerful. As time has gone on, I’ve been able to increase what I pay myself enormously.

When the next medical crisis hit — there’s always a next one — I was no longer one of the many Americans who, sadly, can’t lay their hands on $400 in an emergency.

I was truly grateful not to have to panic, not to have to overdraft, not to have to find a loan. I calmly moved the money out of my very liquid savings account and paid for what I had to.

Wow, did I ever feel competent. And very, very blessed.”

As Suzanne’s story clearly demonstrates-The rewards for consistently saving, even small amounts, go far beyond money.

Putting aside money for yourself will leave you with a great sense of calm, increased confidence in your ability to handle emergencies—and, best of all, you’ll feel truly blessed, even when hard times hit.

Does saving money seem like a step toward abundance or deprivation to you? Why? Leave me a comment below.


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Comments & Feedback

  • Caroline Chapman

    I completely relate to Suzanne’s experience! I started doing this years ago, and really found your advice about having a “touchable” and “non-touchable” savings account to be very helpful.

    I love Suzanne’s added step of saying “thank you.” Saving money feels like a tremendous step towards abundance, and I am so grateful to have “re-wired” in this belief. Thank you, Barbara!

    • barbara huson

      Caroline that’s wonderful to hear!!! Sounds like you’ve done a great job of ‘rewiring’!!! I’m so glad you posted!!!!

  • Lisa

    I like Suzanne’s added step of saying “thank you, too” ! Gratitude is one of the key elements of feminine energy.

    This might sound mystic, but when a woman is genuinely grateful for whatever she has, no matter how humble it is, like the roof over her head or the $5.95 in her savings account, she starts to receive more!

    • barbara huson

      Lisa, I totally agree with you about expressing gratitude. As the saying goes: ‘what you appreciate, appreciates.” How true! Thanks for writing.

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