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How an Ancient Mystic Transformed My Work

Yoga class begins.  “Hold out your hands,” the teacher says, “to receive something you truly desire.”

Then he quotes Rumi: ‘What you seek is seeking you.”

And I, arms outstretched, stand transfixed. What if that were true? What if that which I desire is heading to me like a heat seeking missile? And even more, what if I believed, without doubt, it will swiftly hit its target (me), no struggle required.

During Downward Dog, I make a decision.  I’m taking Rumi’s words as gospel truth.

As I sink into Child’s Pose, I flash back to a poster that once hung in my office, a quote from Richard Bach: “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.” At the very bottom, in tiny letters: “You may have to work for it, however.” At this point, I am in Warrior Pose, which feels quite fitting. 

By Savasana, the final resting pose, I’m fired up. I race home to start working on my deepest desire, a proposal for my next book–The Rewire Response: Mind Training for Wealth Building—which I’d long been procrastinating…for good reason..

Writing proposals has always been an excruciating experience. My ego would scream, “You write like s**t!” I literally had to force myself to keep going.  

This time, my desire was not just to write, but do it with ease and joy.

Now, a few months later, my proposal almost complete, I can honestly say it was a much different process.  Not because the writing was easier. Hell no!  Writing’s never easy for me. But instead of panicking when I wrote crap (my early drafts are always crap!), I actually delighted in the process of polishing each word until the sentences sparkled. 

Amazing how a tiny shift in perception can make such a major difference.

What about you? Do you have a desire you want to bring to fruition this year? How are you feeling about it? Share below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Barbara Cox

    Thanks for this post! My desire and plan for this month is to find some great colleagues at a great organization – my soul want collaboration. I swing between being excited and getting discouraged on how to find this place. I used to ‘manifest things’ pretty quickly so I hope to soon. Thanks for this article.

    • barbara huson

      Thank you Beth for your comment. You gotta believe those colleagues are on their way to you this very minute. Would love to hear how it all works out!

  • Jazmin

    Hi Barbara!
    Would like to share, I truly love to recieve your e-letters! I love to read them . Your sharing has been a true inspiration for learning to provide for myself.
    This year I decided to start writing my financial expenses and gains down daily. I have also written down a daily financial goal . So far I haven’t made it daily , been missing it my 50-100 daily. But because it’s written and there’s a goal, I feel fueled to work towards it daily.
    Thank you for your sharing and the work you do. Love you.

    • barbara huson

      oh Jazmin…I am giving you a standing ovation. Good for you for tracking your spending. And it’s not about being perfect…success comes from being persistent. Thanks so much for writing!!!

  • Linda

    I love getting your emails. They always inspire me. Thanks for being so transparent and relatable. My desire is to have 2-3 paid Board Positions where I can contribute and learn. I am seeking, but also open to receiving. Your comment to me “Don’t Settle” comes to me often as I am offered lesser positions. Thank you for your insight and inspiration.

    • barbara huson

      Thank YOU, Llinda, for your kind words. I always love hearing from you. And yes, DO NOT settle…you don’t need to. The perfect positions are out there right now, on their way to you!!! Please let me know when you find a board position. I want to celebrate!!!

  • Pam

    Always enjoy your emails! Thank you. My desire is to wrap my head AND heart around taking in my 80 yr old father. I want to keep my adult self I have become, (not slip into old ways instilled through him), have no regrets and make the experience something that will help both my daughter and me grow .Talking to as many people who have traveled this path before. And with them, asking for advice on addressing the emotional as much or more than the financial and strategic plan.

    • barbara huson

      I’m very touched by your desire, not just to help your dad, but to maintain your individuality. You’re doing the right thing talking to others who have been there. Most important…get lots of support. I wish you the best. Thanks for writing.

  • Donna

    Hi Barbara,
    I always enjoy and love your emails. This one is particularly wonderful!! I am just a few short weeks away from signing the papers for the sale of my business. You know this has been a long time in planning and I am still in disbelief that it is finally happening. I can’t thank you enough for how helpful you have been with this. I am where I am today because of Sacred Sucess! I am so excited for whatever is next!! Thank you again!!!

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