January 22, 2019, Free Call with Barbara Huson, Leading Authority on Women, Wealth & Power

Women & Wealth

We're Different than Men & Why that Matters

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FREE Call January 22, 2019

4 pm/Pacific, 7 pm/Eastern

Join Barbara Huson, The Leading Authority on Women, Wealth & Power for this FREE call. Barbara will discuss:

  • How men & women view Wealth & Power very differently—and why that matters.
  • How women learn about money differently.
  • How recognizing these differences will allow you to build Wealth, as a woman.

Barbara Huson

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During this FREE Call You'll...

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Discover that women learn best about money in community with other women.


Learn how the male-dominated financial industry puts most women at a disadvantage in learning about investing. 

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Gain understanding of the woman's viewpoint, why it's valid and how to build Wealth, as women.

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