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Getting Unstuck Can Be So Simple

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu

Been feeling stuck lately? Frustrated with your finances? Not loving your life?

Listen up. The solution is deceptively simple, yet undeniably life changing…guaranteed.

Stop telling your old story.

If you do only this one thing, you’ll rewire your brain and revolutionize your relationship to money—and everything else, for that matter—within months.

Here’s how it works. Start by observing the words that come out your mouth.

Do those words describe your life as it’s been, your flaws, or your fears?

Stop right there and instead talk about the life you desire to create, who you want to be, how you’d love to feel.

Granted this takes considerable vigilance and determination…and may feel awkward, even phony, at first. I said the solution was simple, but it’s far from easy.

Yet every time you share your future aspirations (rather than retell your familiar reality), you literally weaken the old dysfunctional neuropathways and strengthen new, more desirable ones.

Or as A Course in Miracles explains: “What you share you strengthen.”

Here’s a true story that illustrates the incredible power of your words.

Phil Hellmuth is a professional poker player who’s won a record 14 World Series of Poker. But before that, he suffered an 8 year losing streak. No matter what he did, his bad luck wasn’t budging.

Then one day he changed a few words he regularly used and his life turned around.

He altered his email address from “trying to be the greatest” to “being the greatest” . To date he’s won over $22million.

No surprise, he recently told a Wall Street Journal reporter: “I’m a big believe in the power of the word.”

So am I. Are you? I’d love to hear examples of how this has worked in your life?

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Comments & Feedback

  • Jacqueline

    What’s helped me lately instead of asking/saying why is this happening?! I’ve now started saying…this is happening for me not against me. I say this over and over so I can find the lesson, solution, or growth to get past/through what’s happening in my life.

    • Leanne Duckmanton

      Those are really wise and great words. They say what we resist persists so if you are accepting or even embracing of current less than ideal circumstances then they won’t stick around.

    • barbara huson

      oh I LOVE that affirmation, Jacqueline. I’m going to borrow them when I need to!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Leanne Duckmanton

    Ha ha, my first thought was are you applying this to aging as well as finances in thinking of your note a couple of months ago! xx

  • Leanne Duckmanton

    Back in Sept I read your book and decided to take control of my money. Part of this new action, was instead of reading the Daily Mail (guilty pleasure) was to read atleast one business article a day, Anyway a few days in I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency article. Yes I know, highly speculative but new, so I figured I was a newbie like 90% of everybody else out there so I set about learning as much as I could. I found shares, bonds, property and anything else too intimidating.
    However the technology bechind crypto, blockchain, I felt gave me hope for the future and the world on many exciting projects which I wanted to invest in. For example one is Stellar lumens which seeks to give peer to peer banking for africans who have no bank account but mobile phones only. Instead of being ripped off by Wester Union fees, stellar is working to make it free and fast.
    I found an authentic group who had been in crypto for many years and decided to invest 10,000 AUD in my first portfolio. Soon after I made my investments bitcoin really went mainstream and then it peaked in Dec and is now correcting. However because of the guidance of my group and my diversification into the alternative coins today my gains sit at around $45,000AUD despite the doom and gloom in the market today. It’s a crypto sale for me! I am a long term investor not a day trader.
    Several things changed for me. One I made the decision to take control. Then I just made a really simple change to start reading. Three, I found something that really excited me and it was a joy to spend many many hours researching how it worked, what it did and who to connect with.
    It goes beyond money for me, it’s exciting being part of technology that is potentially innovative and helpful to all communities so even if my crypto portfolio drops to zero tomorrow, the ride has been amazing .
    It has given me confidence to look at other financial areas of my life with renewed confidence and a desire to learn. And that part is really the game changer for me.
    Even my accountant has new respect for me and is taking the time to explain my other financial investments which I’ve always avoided. And I exchange a little crypto advice ha ha

    • barbara huson

      What a powerful comment, Leanne. I so admire your enthusiasm, your persistence, how you’re taking the time to learn and get support. Please keep me updated…I’m eager to hear your progress. This is so wonderful…I just want to give you a big cyber hug!!!! Thanks so much for writing! xo

  • Mia

    After a divorce I had to find a house to buy. I had no clue how I was going to make that happen. I was single, a child, and terrible. I cried for one day all day. Then I packed my suitcase, told everyone I wa moving at work, they all said, “Where?” And probably thought unhuh. But then I drove around two hours with a friend, found a huge new house. I walked in, and imaged it as mine. Next day I wrote a letter to myself with the address saying, “Welcome to your new house.” Suddenly out of the blue within 5 or 6 days I received some stock as old payments for jobs I’d done. I cashed it and had a huge down payment and moved in 30 days later. 30 days!

  • Val

    I had three meets with three different co-workers, which all could have easily escalated (and that I would previously not have handled tactfully). But having read Louise Hay’s idea to state, “All is well in my world. Only good will come from this situation”, I declared these out loud as well as, “this will be the beginning of a friendship” before the first meet. And it came out just as I had declared.

    Encouraged, I did the same for the next two, and those also turned out very well.

    I know the stated in changed my behavior and attitude, but I don’t thing that’s all that was at play here.

    Welill I be declaring my desired outcome from now on? Absolutely!

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