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Feeling Like an Imposter? Time to Rewire

I just read that award-winning Maya Angelou, after publishing her 11th book, thought to herself: “Uh-oh, they’re going to find out now. I’ve run a game on everybody.”

Can you imagine Maya Angelo feeling like fraud!! But looking back, I think of all the  courageous, confident, highly successful women I’ve interviewed who told me they still felt like a fraud long after their careers were flourishing.

Sadly, the imposter syndrome is epidemic among women, even the most successful ones. In Neuroscience, I found a possible explanation as to why. Despite their achievements, these women never rewired their old belief systems.

They didn’t prepare themselves mentally as they pushed themselves physically. Because they hadn’t changed their thoughts, their brains remained wired to see only the past.

Their low self-image hadn’t caught up with their incredible successes. Their old neuropathways still dictated their current perceptions.

The moral of this story:  before you focus on changing your behavior, you must transform the causes of that behavior—your thoughts and beliefs. 

What thoughts and behaviors could you begin to rewire for success? Leave me a comment below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Alison Testroete

    Barbara, thank you for sharing.! Having my business hit so hard with Covid-19 shook my confidence to the core. But deep down I know I’ll be okay (I always am).

    The behavior that’s helping the most is to just take one small step forward. Instead of letting my mind run off, I try to focus on one simple productive task. Focusing on that distracts me from my anxiety about the future and lo and behold, I’ve even found a rhythm!

    • Lisa


      I love what you wrote about focusing on one productive task – that’s really helpful!!

    • barbara huson

      thank You, Alison, for posting. My heart goes out to you…it’s truly a rough time to be an entrepreneur. But your are doing what I am too…taking it one productive step at a time. And yesterday, my productive step was to take a yoga class and go to the grocery store. Today I’m feeling much more energetic. Please stay in touch and let me know how everything goes.

  • Lisa


    A few head hunters (all much younger men) are trying to convince me that I must go for my previous or lower salary due to these current economic times and a variety of other excuses.

    I refuse to believe that now! I can answer any technical question they throw at me and have years of experience and education. I know what the salary range is for someone like me , but most importantly I believe that time taken away from my precious private life deserves good compensation!

  • barbara huson

    Lisa, if you could only hear the roaring round of applause I’m giving you and how fiercely you’re standing in your value. Your deep belief in yourself is critical…and beautiful!!!! Thanks for posting…I love your intense conviction. Hang in there…this too shall pass.

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