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Brilliant Idea for Raising $avvy Kid$

Pati Wolfgang sent me this story. It’s so good, I had to share. If you have kids, you’ve got to read this!

When my boys were tiny and we went in the store, I’d bring pencil and paper.

I’d also count the money in my wallet before going in to see how much treat money we had.

Later, I had them help count.

Then, when they saw things, they could see if that fit in their treat allowance. What was sweet, too, is plenty of times, one would give their funds to their brother. Or they’d pool together.

If it was more than the daily funds allowed, I would write down, with their help, what it was and what store it was in. That left them feeling heard. They knew what they wanted mattered, even if it couldn’t be bought that day.

They’d focus on reading the label to me, figuring out which store.  It was cute.

Then, once a week or so, we’d have a fun fund meeting and go over the list.  We’d talk about the extra “fun fund” we had that week.  I’d talk about how this week was more than last because…. etc. That helped them see, sometimes if the plumber came, we could still do something fun, but we toned it back a little.

They’d constantly say how it helped them to see how they could want something so much, then just a day or two later not want it any more.

They’re adults now. They love to save just as much as they love to treat themselves. They still share and pool funds.

Share below how you teach your kids about money.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Karen

    I don’t have anything to top this. As you said, brilliant. Nothing like seeing it in black and white. I do sometimes take a picture of the product with my phone. Amazing how often it no longer holds interest past walking away from the product.

    • barbara huson

      What a great idea to take a pic…I really like that a lot. Thanks for adding that to the story. I’m going to do that with my grandkids.

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