The Power of Your Mind

For the first time in 30 years, I’m teaching a class that’s not about money. It’s based on A Course of Miracles (ACIM), a profound spiritual text.

I believe this book was written precisely for these turbulent, conflict-ridden times. And I’m convinced, if the masses lived by the Course’s message, we’d see a saner world.

ACIM calls itself a course in mind training. It’s stated purpose is “to restore the awareness of the power of the mind.’

“What you do comes from what you think,” the Course explains. “All power is given to you through your mind.”

This is great news. Because your mind is the only thing you can control. I certainly can’t stop the fighting in the middle east, but it doesn’t have to destroy my peace. And this applies not only to global disasters but to daily annoyances.

As the Course points out, nothing ‘out there’ is the cause of your distress. The culprit is your interpretation of the situation.

If you want to change your experience—more peace, less stress—you must first change the cause, which is always your thoughts, or more precisely, your mind’s interpretation of whatever is happening. But how?

The Course offers a simple but compelling statement that I say as a prayer:

Above all else, let me see this differently.

Then I try to see the situation through the eyes of love and acceptance rather than fear and resistance.

Here’s a real-life example. Recently, I was telling my husband something important. He listened attentively until his phone dinged with a text. He glanced at the message, wrote a response, turned back to me and completely changed the subject.

I was hurt and angry. My first reaction: What am I? Chopped liver?

Just as I’m about to lash out, I hear the Course reminding me: “The world you see merely represents your thoughts. And it will change entirely as you elect to change your mind.”

So, I asked myself, “What if I interpreted Lee’s response differently?” Instead of implying I’m not important, I chose to believe the text as more interesting to him. Big difference!

In that moment, I turned what could’ve been a big blowup, into a loving, intimate discussion.

When you believe that something ‘out there’ is the problem, you’re a victim. But when you align with love, you raise your frequency, creating a vastly different and more fulfilling outcome.

Can you think of a situation where the outcome would be improved if you’d decided to see things differently? Share in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Ariel Lexina Adams

    I am reminded of the Jewish man in a Nazi prison camp chanting a prayer of thanks and, when asked what he could possibly be thankful for, replying “I am thanking God I am not one of them.”

  • Lisa

    Hi Barbara,

    Esther Perel sadly pointed out that we can treat our friends and coworkers more politely than our significant other 🙁 I remember being in a restaurant with a friend when she politely interrupted me to ask if she could quickly check her phone to make sure the text message wasn’t about anything urgent. She responded to let her son know what time she was coming home, then we proceeded with our conversation.

    Like Lee, occasionally my husband does the same thing to me in our living room room while we’re in the middle of a conversation. I’m sure he would get fired if he did that to a client! Seeing it a different way, I feel quite certain that he thinks about me multiple times a day and is very concerned about my well-being and safety. I’m sure I don’t take up that much space in my friend’s head. Seeing it even more differently, I’m glad he has a little bit of a life outside of me. That would feel too needy.

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