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And You Thought It was about Money!!!!

Once a woman achieves financial stability, no longer struggling to make ends meet, something within her dramatically changes…though she’s rarely aware it’s happening.

Her brain, no longer tasked with simply surviving, is ready to rewire itself.

She finds herself yearning for Greatness, no longer satisfied with mediocrity.

She deeply desires to create wealth, not for its own sake, but for its original meaning—well-being.

She strives for power, not to appease or dominate others, but to have dominion over herself.

She searches for significance, not by being the best or making the most, but by doing what God put her on earth to do.

Rewiring, however, requires tremendous effort. She must intentionally respond differently, not habitually, consciously choosing behaviors that permit her to thrive…rather than merely survive.

Yet, unless she’s vigilant, her old neural connections will keep recreating ‘not enough’. She’ll unwittingly remain rooted in the hard-wired neuropathway offering the least resistance (otherwise known as her comfort zone).

I truly believe when enough women understand how to rewire their brains by taking the path of most resistance, building their wealth and claiming their power, a global transformation will occur.

We’ll have the values, visions, sensitivity and the resources needed to change this world, heal this planet.

This, I believe, is our essential legacy, our inherent destiny, our financial responsibility as women.

Tell me about the legacy you want to leave in the comments below.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Marti Dodge

    Barbara, the legacy I want to leave contains both the powers of bliss and beauty which surround us daily. I know I am rooted deeply in an unrealistic ‘comfort zone’. I truly wish to reverse my direction 180 degrees and move into a zone of challenging myself to grow into finacial prosperity. I’ve dug a very deep hole for myself so know this will not be easy….BUT I’m going to do it no matter what! I turn 70 in the New Year and am committed to living a different life!!!!

    Thanks so much for your wisdom and sharing, Marti

    • barbara stanny

      Marti, I really hear your determination. But there’s no away around it. You have to do what you fear…because power always lies on the other side of fear. But I’ll tell you this…the fear beforehand is far worse than the act of actually doing. Good luck. And happy bday…I just turned 70 2 days ago!

  • Mandi T.

    One thing I have learned over the years about myself. I had to learn to be comfortable earning high salaries. When I finally got comfortable the salary disappeared.

    Life’s twists and turns. Now I have learned that I must not sell myself short, but realize I must start again. Even though I am heading into the years of declining income. No matter what I earn, I try to save, pray to travel the world and still enjoy my life once I become cash flow positive again.

    As for my legacy, I am sad I do not have children to pass on at this point. My family heirlooms and if I have any money leftover, my hope is to give to extended family or organizations, who would benefit from it the most.

  • Angela Jiggetts-Bazzi

    Barbara, as I see it now, my legacy is exactly how you expressed it.
    I have been working on rewriting my brain in wellth and wealth for some years and find that there’s still so much more rewriting to be done.

    Self sabotage, lack of understanding financial principles, giving too much away, frivolous spending, obligatory generosity, these are just a few of the habits that require ongoing noticing and elimination as I continue to rewire my brain for a successful life.

    • barbara stanny

      Angela, thanks for writing…but the more you talk about the negative, the deeper it is rewired into your brain. Maybe it’s time to start speaking into your new story!!!!

  • Nicole

    Barbara, this is a wonderful article. I hope i can answer with my english – which is not the best 😉
    Since i left my job and become a solopreneur in 2012 i struggle a lot with money. Without the support of my husband it won´t work. We have so much problems with money in the past 10 years….. the worst was the loss of our house and the foreclosure sale. Now we have a lot of debt and i feel so much guilt inside of me…..but i work on it.
    The legacy I want to leave: helping people surrender the fear, live on purpose and belive in faith.

    Thank you!!

    • barbara stanny

      Thanks Nicole…I’m so sorry for your struggles…I truly pray you can get past them and live your beautiful legacy!

  • Amanda

    Barbara, as you know, when I went through a painful divorce several years ago, I walked away with $0 and my beautiful daughter. The legacy I want to leave is of course for her but I realize increasingly, it’s for all of us.
    I have recently stepped into a male dominated industry as a leader and for the first time am earning truly My Own money!! I’m so aware of what it was like to barely get by. I want to do it smartly and I want to do it differently. I hope to first show myself, and then the women around me that this can be done with grace.
    I believe that as a women we can change the “Good ‘ol boy” paradigm”, it’s making our world sick. When we give our maternal grace and power to what we do, I know we will change the world. I hope to do my small part and I never doubt that my financial success will be a natural part of that process.

    • barbara stanny

      Oh Amanda, thank you for this inspiring comment. For the world’s sake…and for yours…I wish you the greatest success. Please keep me updated. I want to support your efforts.

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