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You Say You Want More Money, But….

If intentions are so powerful, why don’t they always pan out? What if you swear you want to make more money, your intent is sincere, your desire is strong, but try as you might, your paycheck remains paltry?

If this is the case, it’s for this reason: You get what you want, not what you ask for. The distinction is critical.

When a buried intention—say, to be comfortable—is stronger than your spoken one—to be profitable—you’ll stop yourself at every turn. You may say, and believe, you want to make more, but that’s not the message that’s reaching your brain.

If you’re not getting it, for whatever reason, chances are you may not want it. Or as A Course in Miracles explains:  “What you ask for, you receive. But this refers to prayers of the heart, not the words you use in praying.”

I guarantee, setting a powerful intention and committing to it can make a big difference in how financially successful you actually become.

So how do you set a powerful intention? Here are 4 tips:

  1. Be clear on where your intention stems from—Fear or Love. Let’s say your intention is to raise your fees. Is it because you’re afraid of becoming a bag lady or because you love the freedom that money will give you? If it’s fear based, you’ll want to consciously shift into seeing it through the eyes of love.
  2. Ask yourself: Why do I want it? Connect your intention with the feeling you want it to give you. It’s never the thing you want that motivates you. It’s how you want to feel. What is the feeling you want the money or the new job to give you. Freedom? Security? Happiness? Ease? Self-Worth? The Why is what keeps you going when the going gets tough.
  3. Let go of the outcome. Don’t try to force your intention into being. Rather, create an affirmation, adding these words: ‘this or something better.’ Sometimes the Universe has bigger plans for you than you could ever imagine.
  4. Expect your intention to materialize. Neuroscientists have proven that expectations profoundly influence how your brain sees the world and thus how you behave.  So, act and talk and feel as if your intention is on its way, as if it’s a done deal. Another way to put it:  “Give gratitude for what hasn’t happened yet.”

What’s your experience with intention setting? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lauren

    I truly do believe in the power of intention. I’ve seen it manifest in many small ways. But my major stumbling block seems to come to making money. I definitely struggle with self worth and fear. It’s as if I just can’t break free of this mindset. It’s hard. I think it’s about learning to value myself and my experience. I’ve applied for a job today and I’m trying to calculate my fee. I’ve just doubled it and I feel more empowered as a result. I will try remembering love not fear. Thank you Barbara! I always love your emails!

    • barbara huson

      Thanks for your comments, Lauren, and your kind wordss. The key, when an intention (like earning more) fails to bear fruit, is to look at what the conflicting intention is. My guess is that if you’re struggling with fear and self worth (like I was for so many years), your conflicting and probably stronger intention, is to stay safe. It’s impossible to have a comfort motive and profit motive at the same time. I urge you to explore that conflict.

  • Lisa

    Surprisingly, I’ve found setting intentions gives me permission to do things.

    Sometimes, I’m not sure if I still want to do something, but I do it anyway and I end up being so glad that I carried out the original intention.

    Sometimes the plan can change to something slightly different, but the original intention is still the same (especially with financial investments).

    Sometimes carrying out one plan covers multiple intentions.

    • barbara huson

      Interesting perspective, Lisa. I like what you’re saying. Yes, sometimes one plan covers multiple intentions. And sometimes we need to force ourselves to take the steps to carry out our intention…that’s been consistently true for me. Just because I have compelling intention, doesn’t mean I’m not scared to act on it…and have to push myself…which has really helped me build my confidence.

      • Lisa

        I had to push myself this morning! It was raining cats and dogs outside. The pitter patter sound of the rain was so soothing. My husband was lying next to me sleeping so peacefully. I wanted to stay in bed after a busy week.

        Skipped my egg muffin, jumped into a taxi and went to my group aqua aerobics lesson, because it’s my intention to be healthy and to also make sure I’m spending time with people away from screens and work! Glad I skipped breakfast, because my farmers grill market lunch is so much more healthier and delicious!

  • Lisa

    Hi Barbara,
    My life journey and intention have always been to create a better life, one of thriving; financially, living to my fullest potential, and experiencing a loving, healthy relationship (these have been my top three intentions). I have worked with intentions for many years; some have panned out, but many have not. I have recently revisited some old journals, and much of my writing is asking for the same intentions that have not come to fruition. I find it very challenging to believe things will change when I have put in the inner work, and I always believed my life would change in the most intentional areas, and still, these top three intentions escape me. What would you suggest in this case?

    • barbara huson

      If your intentions aren’t coming to pass, Lisa, then my bet is there’s conflicting (usually unconscious) intention that’s getting in the way because it’s stronger. You may say you want to make more money, but if deep down, you think money is evil or you want to stay safe, not take risks, then money is not your intention, comfort is. And you can NOT have a comfort motive and profit motive at the same time.

      For years, decades really, I kept saying I want to get smart about money, but every time I tried to read a financial book or attend a class, my eyes would glaze over, my brain would fog up. It wasn’t until therapy that I understood my unconscious but over-riding intention was that I wanted someone to do it for me. I wanted a man to take care of me, like my father did, like he promised my husband would. Once I came to that realization, as embarrassing as it was to admit, I could finally heal that belief, and fully pursue my intention to become smart.

      So my advice…go deep and find the internal barriers you have (unconsciously erected) keeping you from making the money you desire and deserve. Then let me know what you find.

  • Marly

    Great post, thanks Barbara.
    I’ve done pretty well with my health goals, im in a new relationship too after years of being single. But financially i experiece blockages. I now truly say i wish to be making multiple six figures in my own right but i know previously i wanted a man to give me the money, and not do the work required to acquire wealth. Now i want to make money in my own right and also have a man who had financial security and spends generously on me as a caring gesture.

    I have a lot of potential to be profitable in business but im yet to be making money of my own its been over a year having been let go by my old job for underperformance (tech sales).
    Please advise

    • barbara huson

      Congratulations on accomplishing your health goals and attracting a new relationship….and finally realizing you want to earn, not just rely on a man. Those are all awesome accomplishments.

      I’m not clear if you’ve started a business yet in the year you’ve been laid off. If you have, I say be patient. It takes time for a biz to become profitable. In the meantime, I’d explore the reasons for your underperformance in your last job…there’s a lot of information there…and not just in the obvious reasons. I’d look for any unconscious blocks that may be lurking from early childhood conditioning.

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