Yes I Can

“You Can’t Do That! Who Do You Think You Are??”

We all have our internal critics. The ones that tell us what we can’t possibly do.

Those voices may never shut up.

But just because you hear voices in your head, doesn’t mean you have to follow them.

As Vincent Van Gogh once said: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you can not paint,’ by all means paint and the voice will be silenced.”

Indeed, keep reminding yourself: “that’s not my voice.” It’s the voice of a parent, the culture, teachers, friends, something ‘out there.’ But it isn’t mine.

Then simply say to that voice: “Thank you for sharing,” and proceed to do what you need to do.
Then start replacing the old voices with different, more positive statements, a personal mantra or affirmation. The one I use most often: “Yes, I can!”

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