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Why Your Brain Thinks You’re an Imposter

I clearly recall interviewing over 150 high earners for my book, Secrets of Six-Figure Women. I expected these women to be extremely confident. And they were indeed.

What I didn’t expect was how many struggled with crippling fear, chronic self-doubt and felt like a fraud, terrified others would find out—The Imposter Syndrome

That was exactly how I felt. But there was a difference between them and me at that time. They didn’t let fear and inadequacy stop them. Their courage inspired me.

In fact, after one of those interviews, I grabbed a blank piece of paper and wrote, in red crayon: “Do What You Fear. That’s How You Succeed.” I framed it and put it on a table across from my desk where it still stands today.

Now, decades later, I look at those words and realize I need to add a critical caveat: “But Don’t Forget to Rewire.”

In studying neuroscience while researching my next book, Rewire for Wealth, I discovered why the Imposter Syndrome is epidemic among successful women. And more importantly, how to eradicate it for good.

We women need to prepare ourselves mentally as we push ourselves vocationally. But few understand this.

When you fail to train your mind to think differently, your brain will only see what confirms previously conditioned beliefs. Your self-image will never catch up to your accomplishments. And your old, maladaptive neuropathways will continue to dictate your current perceptions.

It’s like you’ve entered a marathon without first getting into shape. Sure, you may be driven to go the distance. But you’ll experience little joy and lots of discomfort in your journey.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. Which is why I’m so excited for you to read my new book, Rewire for Wealth. (Available for preorder HERE)

I’m convinced that when enough women learn how to rewire their brains for financial success, the Imposter Syndrome will quickly go the way of corsets, chamber pots and crinoline skirts.

What ingrained beliefs do you have that make you feel like an imposter?  Leave me a comment below.

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