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Why Is Change So Hard?

“The capacity to endure uncertainty is the essence of growth.”

One person loses a job. Another wins a promotion. Both find the transition unsettling. Even a welcome change can be stressful.

Every time we step into the unfamiliar, we must pass through a period of uncertainty. We’ve let go of the old, but haven’t grabbed onto the new.

Many of us will do anything to avoid uncertainty. We’ll reach for our substance of choice (work, alcohol, busyness) or rush into something new.

But the in-between has a purpose. It allows us to fully unhook from the past so we can create a new future. It’s not a time to commit. It’s a time to surrender. It’s not a time for doing, but for reflection.  It’s not a time for hasty decisions but for pondering options.

Rest assured, uncertainty is temporary. At some point, you’ll begin to feel a fresh burst of energy, a renewed optimism, a sense of confidence and clarity. Loose ends will come together. Out of the chaos of uncertainty, new beginnings will emerge.

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