Who’s Spotting You?

Have you noticed, in gyms, when guys are lifting really heavy weights, they ask someone, often a perfect stranger, to spot them? How many times have you seen a woman tap someone to help them? Hardly ever!

Why? Because we seldom lift very heavy weights; we don’t want to bother anyone; and we’re determined to do it alone.

But financial success requires you to lift heavier weights in order to build up your confidence, strengthen your resolve and climb to greater heights.

For this, we need our spotters, people we trust to have our backs, push us when the going gets tough, or high-five us when we finally lift that heavier weight.

Almost 12 years ago, inspired by my friend Suzy Carroll, 5 women gathered in my living room and held our first Spotter’s Group Meeting. We’ve been meeting monthly ever since.

Here’s how it works: Each person takes her turn, sharing what’s on her mind, be it a troublesome situation or a thrilling victory. The others offer loving support, candid feedback, often relating their own similar experiences.

Our meetings usually last about two hours. We don’t leave without setting another date when we’re all available. Not an easy task for busy women, but we’ve made it work. Each one of us has grown considerably.

I highly recommend forming your own Spotters Group…but only if you’re ready to lift heavier weights!

Have you thought about who’s in your corner when it comes to support? How could you leverage that support? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • PJ

    My mom (99 yrs old), an old friend from late ‘70s -80’s.

  • Barbara Simon

    Great timing for this question. I had an online job interview this week for the next job up the ladder at Sunrise Senior Living. Wheels have been set in motion, I’m in contact with the Executive Director of another Sunrise with a higher-up job opening. And will be meeting (for the first time) with my new current Exec Dir on Friday to discuss other possibilities. Behold, my best spotter (whom I’ve known for 40 years) emails me with the perfect questions – Do you want that long a commute? A step up sounds great, but will it be worth the hassle? Do you need to buy a new car for this? Will this schedule interfere with your singing students? And many other wise thought provoking issues. Yep – she’s my best spotter. I’ll keep you all posted as to the outcome. Wish me luck!

    • Lisa

      Hi Barbara,

      She sounds like a good spotter. It’s not about sabotaging someone’s excitement, it’s about checking in with someone to see if the sacrifices are worth it. How badly do you really want this?

      One of my spotters pointed out to me that I do not want another pay rise. I want more time off to focus on other projects and my personal life. I’m forever grateful about that! ❤️

    • barbara huson

      I can’t wait to hear what you decide, Barbara. We all could use a friend like yours, who asks those brilliant questions, that make us think and rethink our decisions!! I’m glad you have one like her in your life!

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