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Who’s Got Your Back?

Have you noticed, in gyms, when guys are lifting really heavy weights, they often ask someone, usually a perfect stranger, to spot them?

It’s known as The Law of Heavy Lifting. I also call it The Law of Higher Earnings.

How many times have you seen a woman, while working out, tap someone to spot them? I never have.

We’ll hire trainers, but ask another to spot us, especially if we think they’re ‘busy’? Doesn’t happen! Why?

For one thing, we rarely lift very heavy weights. But more likely, it’s because we don’t want to bother anyone. And too often, we’re determined to do it alone.

Financial success, however, requires lifting heavier weights in order to build up our confidence, strengthen our resolve and climb to greater heights.

For this, we need our spotters, people we trust to have our backs, push us further, give us feedback.

Spotters urge us to keep going when the going gets tough or high-five us when we finally lift that heavier weight.

Over 10 years ago, I, along with three friends, formed a spotters group. We’ve been meeting monthly ever since and each of us has grown considerably.

Here’s how it works: One Sunday a month, we gather at someone’s house. We serve tea, offer Kleenex, nothing else.

Each person takes a turn sharing what’s on her mind, be it a troublesome situation or a thrilling victory.

The others offer loving support, candid feedback, often relating their own similar experiences.

Our meetings usually last about two hours. We don’t leave without setting another date when we’re all available. Not an easy task for busy women, but we’ve made it work.

As one of my Spotter sisters, Suzy Carroll, explained: “It’s wonderful to have a group of women who share anything and everything, our deepest emotions, moving them through to breakthroughs, crying tears and laughing like I haven’t in years.”

If you’re feeling stuck, isolated, or burned out, think about forming your own Spotter’s Group. This single step, alone, could be your ticket to success.

What strategies have you used to get support for your financial success? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Heidy Tejeda

    So much Truth in this email

  • Lisa

    That is so nice that each person gets a turn at feeling seen and heard!

    It works when someone doesn’t dominate the conversation and they want to share your joy on the rare occasion you have a thrilling victory, not get jealous or offended or try to one up you.

    It’s also nice you share the organization, too. Some people are just so good at putting a plan together, but it doesn’t mean they should have to do everything and some people are very large and in charge. If they’re not calling all the shots all the time, they don’t want to be involved!

    Walking buddies are good spotters! You get a nice workout while you do it!

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