When You Combine Profit with Purpose…Watch Out!!! (Part 1)

I’ve learned so much from interviewing high earners. Above all, I learned that a Profit Motive is a prerequisite for financial success.

But what propelled those women to higher levels was an added spiritual component, a deep commitment to a Higher Purpose.

While men tend to be motivated largely by profit, perks, and prestige, once we women are financially secure, we shift our focus to how we can serve.

“It happened when my mentality shifted to making a difference,” a successful financial advisor told me of how she went from six figures to seven. “You get to a point where you have more than you need, so you start thinking how you can help others.”

What struck me was how a lofty purpose, combined with a profit motive, produces a fiercely powerful alchemy. Here’s why:

1. A strong sense of purpose creates an unwavering perseverance. As one woman told me: “Having a big vision creates the drive to do something meaningful in a big way.” And another added: “I have such a deep sense of mission and purpose, that I go into full throttle, even in volunteer work.” Still another said, “When you’re on fire with a higher purpose, all you need to do is move through your self imposed blocks.”

2. A strong sense of purpose bolsters our courage. Whenever these women were scared, stymied, or facing a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, they immediately went back to that purpose. “When in doubt, I revisit my mission. I know that’s why I’m here and I know I have to act.” said a multi-million dollar earner.

3. Balance and sanity are by-products of a strong sense of purpose. There’s a significant difference between drive and addiction. Addiction arises from feelings of inadequacy, pain, and fear, inevitably leading to burn out. Drive comes from a vision that nourishes one’s soul and enriches their life.

As one young woman told me, “I had a massive inner critic and I’d push myself until I broke down.” Her solution: “I did lots of self-improvement work and started to focus on achieving my purpose without killing myself.”

When we align our passion with our purpose, when we use our talents in service of our mission, we become virtually unstoppable!

Are you using your talents in service to your mission? Tell me how in the comments.

If you don’t have a clearly defined purpose, stay tuned for Part 2: Finding Your Purpose.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lisa

    After the death of my partner, I am floundering.. I am looking to sustain my farm in a time of financial uncertainty and at the age of 61. Oddly, he did not plan and I should have known better. I feel shame at not forward thinking a better plan to be self reliant!

    • Lisa

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I’m sorry about your loss and the hardship you’re going through.

      I’m glad you shared your recent predicament, because a few of my friends are house wives. They are married to very successful executives. I understand that it enables them to dedicate their time to their home, the community and their husband, but they don’t understand why I want to work. It feels good having my own separate plan for situations like this.

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