When Someone Calls You a Bitch, say Thank You!

One question I always ask financially successful women: What is your biggest regret?  

Almost everyone has the same response. Not speaking up sooner.

As one woman, a 7th grade drop out, told me, “You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you demand.”

But even the most successful found it downright scary to ask for what they wanted, to say no to what they didn’t.

You know why? Studies prove that assertive, forceful men are given high marks by their bosses.

Assertive, forceful women are labeled a bitch.  

I’m here to tell you—being a bitch is not a bad thing. That’s where our power is.

I’m not talking about the bitchy part. That’s the co-dependent in us who suppresses her true needs and gets very resentful.

The bitch is the powerful part who refuses to be a doormat, a victim, or tolerate injustices; who has the courage to be who she is and want what she wants.

She’s the Babe In Total Control of Herself.

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