What’s With the Fear Tactics?

Maybe I’m over reacting. I just heard yet another conference speaker warn me, along with a few hundred other women, that unless we take action, most of us will never retire because we can’t afford to.

Enough with the bad news already! The financial industry, along with the media, seem to believe that the best way to motivate women is by frightening us with scary statistics, alarming statements, and worse case scenarios. But clearly fear tactics haven’t worked. Women hear these gloomy statistics and instead of taking action, just get depressed and go into avoidance.

I would love to see the financial industry/media do away with (or at least down play) those depressing statistics. And instead, talk about how financial success allows women to help her kids, her parents, people she loves. Tell us stories about the joys of philanthropy, the thrill of leaving a legacy. Give examples of how proper financial planning will give her the resources to contribute to causes she feels passionate about.

To most women (and I suspect some men), helping others and making a difference is what financial empowerment is all about.

Does anyone else feel as strongly as I do about this?

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  • Barbara, I agree. When I hear doomsday news about finance, I get depressed and think, what’s the use? It’s like telling a toddler, hey sweetie, no matter how good a job you do tonight, you’re going to need to take at least 25,000 more baths in your life if you want to be fresh and clean. Yes, 25,000 baths! And after bath number 25,000 you will still need to take another bath the very next day. Now most toddlers don’t like baths, so this turns the dreaded bath into an even bigger monster than it was before. Time to go hide under the bed.

  • Elaine

    Barbara, I agree with you as well! Certain industries utilize negative reinforcement which is not only counter-productive but it does not serve us as a whole! LOL! Perhaps that is one of the underlying intentions motivating this type of behavior! In any event, as you know and teach, we need education, we need guidance, we need support and most importantly, we need to remind ourselves to be gentle with ourselves as we learn and grow just like our children! I am grateful and appreciative of your willingness to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem! You model what I will learn to model for my loved ones in order to create a better world for all of us!

  • Sheri Garland

    Visualize it. Can you envision what the world would be like if whenever you turned on the news you heard “teasers” of a positive, empowering nature? Imagine if in place of hearing, “coming up next, Retirement: the unaffordable dream..”, you instead heard, “up next, help for women everywhere with early retirement planning! Tips and advice from those who made it.”
    Maybe if we all visualize a positive force in the media, it will come to be. Enough of the dark side!!

  • barbarastanny

    I’m thrilled to see that this blog sparked comment…and they are great comments. Now, how can we get this message to the powers-that-be who can do something about it!! Any ideas????

  • Elaine

    Hmmmm…. good question!

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