What is Wealth? (Hint: It’s Not What You Think)

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately. My latest book, Rewire for Wealth, made its debut last week.

The one question I’m asked most often is this: How do you define wealth? It’s a great question. And there’s a gazillion different responses. Most people will define wealth with a dollar figure that’s at least double what they currently have.

But I see it differently. Wealth is not an amount. It’s a mindset.

I know women worth millions who are financially insecure. I know many who have far less and consider themselves bountiful. Wealth without well-being is not the aim of my book or the work I do. Financial well-being means you’re in control of your money instead of being at its mercy.

Take my example. I grew up rich, had a generous inheritance, but did I feel wealthy? Not in the least. I didn’t know how much money I had, where it was or how to manage it. And I was too scared to take control even when I found out my gambling husband was frittering it away.

Now that I’m on the other side of that crisis, I define wealth with a definition that describes the desired mindset: Wealth means you have more than enough…and you know it.

You not only have some disposable income, but a buffer against debt, a prudent reserve for unpredictable expenses, investments growing faster than inflation and a safety net that lets you sleep all night. But here’s the decisive factor: You’re fully aware that you’re in good financial shape.

In other words: Wealth is that sweet spot where money is no longer a source of stress or distraction, but a powerful tool for crafting a secure and meaningful life.

Like any tool, however, you must understand how to skillfully use it for maximum benefit with negligible risk. My latest book, Rewire for Wealth, is meant to be an operator’s guide to using the incredible tool we call money with confidence and competence.

Can you look at your finances with confidence?  Let me know in a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Maria

    Congratulations on your book’s debut, Barbara, and may its sales go from strength to strength to reach as many women as possible who can benefit from your messages! I’ve recently started a rewiring practice for my money mindset (thanks to your programs) that says “I respect the money I handle and appreciate its value to my life”. I’m looking to build a more positive, appreciative and constructive attitude to money (which I’ve pretty much ignored as much as possible for a long time). Thanks for all your help 🙂

    • barbara huson

      Thank you so much for your sweet note, Maria. I appreciate it. And I love your reframe. Repeat it constantly and I have a feeling you’ll have a much more positive attitude towards money very soon! Thanks for sharing this with me!

  • Kate Goldsborough

    I’m getting there, is the answer to your question.
    Congratulations! You are a giver and clearly a mover and shaker as well.

    • barbara huson

      You’re so sweet Kate. I really appreciate your kind words. And yes, I believe you are getting there! I’m here to support you!

  • Lisa


    Looking forward to reading your book later.

    I think being wealthy is about freedom of choice and not being in bondage to anyone. A landlord who keeps threatening to raise the rent, a credit card company, a job you can’t stand anymore, or a relationship you need to stay in to pay your bills!

  • barbara huson

    Yes, Lisa, that’s the real gift of wealth–freedom from bondage to anyone or anything!!!

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When a devastating financial crisis rocked her world, Barbara Huson knew she had to get smart about money… and she did. Now, she wants to empower every women to take charge of their money and take charge of their lives! She’s doing just that with her best-selling books, life changing retreats and private financial coaching.

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