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What do Dollars & Donuts Have in Common?

I’ve long noticed an interesting fact. Women who have problems with money often have problems with food.

Then I read Geneen Roth’s extraordinary book, Women, Food and God, a New York Time’s bestseller. I’ve never met Geneen personally. But I instantly knew she was a kindred spirit.

Geneen insists that food is never the problem. Just as I’ve always known problems with money are never about money.

Rather, says Geneen, overeating is “a doorway to your true nature,” echoing my conviction that financial problems are a doorway to your true power.

Her book is based on her own unhealthy relationship with food and her experience teaching others what she learned during her weekend retreats. Just like my books are based on overcoming my own devastating dealings with money and helping others do the same.

Her method of healing women’s relationship with food, similar to mine, mixes a hefty dose of spirituality with emotional transparency and practical actions.

The key to success is not to focus on dieting…or budgeting. The key is combining self-awareness exercises with specific practices to heal the deep-seated wounds that lead to compulsive behaviors, like over-eating or binge spending.

In fact, my favorite quote of all time came from Geneen: “The only people who don’t have insane relationships with money are those who were willing to examine their insane relationship with money.”

Have you thought about what you’re trying to fill up with compulsive behaviors—whether with food or money issues? Leave me a comment below.

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  • Lisa

    If you’re still tackling debt after many years of struggling, please get support for this 🙏 The issue is bigger than you. You are so worth it!!!

    Some of the proven researched benefits of getting out of debt:

    More free income, something to show for your income, early retirement, less risk, better credit score, better job prospects, more motivation to work, less stress, better mental health, better emotional health, high self esteem, better cognitive function, fewer illnesses, lower blood pressure, less pain, better preventative care, better relationships, stronger marriages, being a better parent, and being able to help others!

    I wouldn’t be surprised after paying off your debt, money suddenly comes in. It’s an energetic thing. Owing money is bad energy!

  • barbara huson

    So well said, Lisa. Thank you!

    • Lisa


      The studies they did in Singapore on the correlation between paying back debt and the improvement in cognitive function were so interesting.

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