Do the Hard Work Do The Scary Stuff

Want More $uccess? Do the Scary Stuff!

Whenever you decide to do something different — whether it’s making money or losing weight—the desired result always lies just outside your Comfort Zone.

The only way you’ll succeed is by stretching beyond what feels comfortable to what may seem impossible.

The stretch carries with it this strict stipulation: Feel the fear, endure the discomfort, observe the resistance, and go for it anyway.

From this day forward, find ways to stretch on a regular basis.

The stretch is not about eliminating fear. It’s about acting in spite of it. You are training yourself to surpass former limitations.

Comments & Feedback

  • Barbara,
    You are right. This blog rocks.
    Thank you.

  • Thank YOU, Deborah, I appreciate your feedback!!!

  • Laura

    I’m working in placing the funds for your workshop in Feb. 2015
    Like all that you have to offer!

    Many thanks,
    Laura Q

  • Rosella Young

    Barbara, I just read your blog on stretching and fear. Wow, that’s so powerful. It’s too bad we didn’t know at the time we were only stretching ourselves, instead of taking years to figure out why such and such happened and why we didn’t act differently. But it makes me today think back on all the women before us, going back to at least mid evil times, or at least Joan of Arc times. They somehow knew this secret. No one told them. It had to be innate. I had never thought of this before. The most recent thing I have been thinking of is Eleanor Roosevelt. She had some quote on fear that was also quite good. But still not as powerful as this one. I almost feel like I can do anything. It doesn’t matter. However, I still don’t want to find myself in that kind of circumstance if I don’t have to. I’m generally all about peace. I’m just saying that now I can lay to rest all the women before me that I’ve read about or seen movies about that have been haunting me for years. It all makes sense. Thank you again for your insight. How powerful are you! Take care. Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in your Shelf!

    • barbara

      Thanks for your lovely comments, Rosella. I’m delighted it had an impact on you. However, I don’t believe anything I wrote is antithetical to ‘peace’…fear is a natural reaction to anything where the outcome is unknown. I’m just saying ‘feel the fear, but don’t let it stop you.’ Hope that makes sense. Again, I so appreciate your comments.

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