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I’ve been blogging about Sacred Success for almost a year. My purpose: to show you how to create Affluence—in a way that is meaningful to you and beneficial to others—by doing what you were put on this planet to do.

In review, Sacred Success unfolds in 4 Stages:

  1. Stage #1: responding to the Call to Greatness
  2. Stage #2: receiving consciously, surrendering to what is
  3. Stage #3: pursuing your highest purpose by exercising discipline.

We’re now at the 4th and final stage: leaving a legacy by modeling Greatness.

The truth is, we are always modeling something: either Greatness or Mediocrity (often disguised as Grandiosity).

Most people, as you can guess, are modeling Mediocrity. Why? Because it’s easy. All you have to do is stay in your comfort zone.   But to  model Greatness, you must  recognize your value, live your Purpose , leap into the unknown, let your light shine, and  leave your mark on the world.

This 4th stage is where Real Power lies. I believe when enough Enlightened Women, (along with enlightened Men) come together to model Greatness, our collective legacies will change the world, heal this planet. It all starts with each one of us.

Have you thought about the legacy you wish to leave?

Need help? I’ll share some tips in my next blog.

Until then leave a comment below about which stage in Sacred Success you are navigating right now.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Dear Barbara, I wrote you about a year ago, having loved your book, Overcoming Underearning. As a perpetual under-earner, I read your books with great anticipation. I think I wrote you that following reading Overcoming Underearning, small amounts of money started trickling in from various sources, so I felt hopeful that things could change.

    After reading Six Figure Women, I thought, “Why not me?” I’ve been a successful social services program director for over 10 years, and although I love my current job, I was earning less than ever! Earning $100K seemed well beyond my reach. And like the women in your book, I equated earning that kind of salary with the loss of my autonomy and working excessive hours each and every week. But I found myself totally relating to the women in your book, and I did a lot of work on myself to feel truly deserving of a six-figure salary without selling my soul (yes, even working in non-profits, & even in this economy).

    Flash forward 6 months – I got a call from an old (and wonderful) boss, who now works for my dream organization, offering me a dream job, living in my dream city, with the exact six-figure salary I’ve envisioned for myself all year. All I had to do was be brave enough to accept the offer, and pack up my secure, predictable life, and GO! Thanks to your books, something deep inside me shifted, and synchronicity stepped in to make my dream come true.

    Only one month ago I was “shopping” at the food bank (I’m a single mom of a teen with major medical needs, and lousy insurance). Last night, however, I took my son and friends out to a very upscale restaurant for dinner – the look on my son’s face was priceless as he marveled at the ambience, the elaborate presentation of the food, the fancy bathrooms (“Cloth towels!”) and the incredible service. He was so appreciative and excited by the experience. I know it’s not much, but I was tickled silly to be able to treat my family to an exceptional dinner after so many years of struggling to put food on the table at all.

    Wish me luck on our adventure! I can breathe again.

  • Wow, what a great story Alisa! And Barbara, I am never dissapointed when I stumble into your blog. Talk about syncronicity, this post is a perfect follow up to the one I last read. I am at STage 3 – discipline. I’ve heard the call, I’ve surrendered, I’ve felt my power. AT times, though, it is a challenge for me to accept not being able to give myself 100% to achieving my goals. I’m also a single mom & finding that balance between taking care of myself and my family and pushing myself ahead on my goals is a daily challenge.

    For a while, I push hard and make lots of progress. Then I feel drained and disconnected to my life and my family. I swing the other way, table everything, reconnect, feel better. Then I grow restless, and push again. THe trick is noticing the place where i feel balanced,where I’m taking good care of us & making progress toward my goals. I have found this place many times, and when I do, I’ swear I’ll never leave it….but the pendelum doesn’t stop swinging, and without noticing I’m too far off to one side or the other again.

    Even as I continue to struggle that, though, I do feel my toe dip into stage 4 at times. Practicing self-love and acceptance is a part of that greatness you describle.

    If I am doing the best I can, and loving myself even when what I can do is less than what I would like to do, then I think I am leaving a pretty darned good legacy of greatness….thanks for the reminder!

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