Time to Have a Love Affair with Your Money

“It’s amazing what you can do with money!” my daughter said to me the other day.

Her husband, a film maker, is directing a documentary funded by a generous sponsor with very deep pockets. Normally, he’s working on a shoestring. This time, he gets pretty much free rein to do fun things, like travel to far-off places and hire helicopters for various shots.

Yes, it is amazing what you can do with money.  What’s puzzling is why are countless women ignoring their finances?

I’m beginning to think its fear of relationship.

In my mind, money is like a Perfect Lover. All it wants to do is serve you and support you. All it requires, in return, is to be respected and appreciated.

In other words, just like a man, money needs your attention; it needs to feel understood, cared about, and valued. Otherwise, it’s not likely to stick around for the long haul.

As in all relationships, there are good times and bad times.  Right now, it’s one of those bad times for many.  If you’re in that spot, this is not the time to turn your back, throw in the towel or ignore your money. At least not if you want money to be there for your old age.

Now is the time to work on creating more intimacy with your money. Get to know it better. Learn what it needs and how to best care for it. Make sure it feels the love. (The “love of money” is NOT the root of all evil! Deprivation and destitution is.)

Some suggestions for improving your relation$hip:

1.       Talk to a professional. Make an appointment with a financial advisor.  (Try my book Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust)

2.       Give it attention. Read something every day about money, even if it’s just a paragraph. (Try the Wall Street Journal)

3.       Talk to others. Ask friends and colleagues who are smart with money for advice

4.       Be wary of hype, rumors and scare tactics. Bad news can be seductive, but it’s usuallyskewed.

I honestly think it’s time we all start having a love affair with our money.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll be able to do together as a result .

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Comments & Feedback

  • Wildcherry

    Hey Barbara 🙂
    I relate to money as a masculine facet of my life!
    I desire to seduce my passionate self towards a Divine Feminine love affair with My MYNEY!
    When I operate in my masculine, I suck at finances, literally.
    I come from generations of masculine women.
    My desire is to entertain a passionate affair as I marry my masculine and feminine towards a legacy founding legendary love affair with money.
    D’you get me on this?

    • I love this idea- the Divine Feminine in us needs to seduce money as a lover – not ignore it! (As many women were taught to do.) I love your stuff Barbara!

    • ayo

      Love this post from Wildcherry, Yes. to a passionate love affair with the Divine Feminine and bringing that energy to the area of money. Yes to a legendary love affair with Money. love ayo

  • Jacqueline

    Yes, just that it pretty much comes straight from Suze Orman’s “Women & Money”, written quite a few years before 2011.

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