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The Trinity of Trust

Years ago, I lost most of my money because I didn’t trust me to manage it. Instead I trusted a man who wasn’t trustworthy. But after my divorce, I had to take action. I had to start trusting myself. That’s when I created what I’ve come to call the Trinity of Trust.

To build a firm foundation of trust, I spent time connecting with each point on the triangle.

  • I spent time alone with myself (A) exploring my innermost thoughts, appreciating who I was.
  • I connected with others (B)who would support, educate and encourage me.
  • And I made time to commune with (C) my Soul, my Higher Power through prayer and meditation, listening to my intuition.

I found these 3 elements extraordinary helpful. But to sustain my trust, I took one more step. I drew a circle around this Trinity.

This was a sacred circle, an impenetrable boundary. I’d let no one inside the circle that didn’t respect, appreciate and support me. No pessimists, naysayers or worry warts allowed.
Nor would I let myself fall prey to my own anxiety or panic.

Every time life gets out of whack, as it will, I go back inside that circle and connect to each point of the Trinity. No matter how tumultuous life becomes, I am able to experience peace. I know I can trust myself…as long as I honor my boundaries.

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