The Power of Purpose

“I am not afraid. I was born to do this.”

–Joan of Arc

I wonder… had  Joan of Arc lived today, would she be raking in millions, rather than racing into battles?  She sounds like every mega-high-earner I interviewed (albeit more pithy and eloquent).

They all  possessed an almost divine sense of mission, a fire in their belly, a transpersonal commitment to something larger than themselves.

A powerful purpose seemed to be the prelude to making millions…and the basis for Step #2 of Sacred Success™: Pursue Your Highest Purpose based on Your Deepest Truths.

Much as Joan of Arc discovered centuries ago, a strong sense of purpose creates an almost unwavering perseverance, in a way that money alone never would.

Whenever these high earners were scared, stymied, or faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they immediately went back to their higher purpose.

As a multi-million dollar earner said to me, “When in doubt, I revisit my mission. Why am I here?”

But there’s also another reason why step 2 is so important. Having a higher purpose fosters a life of balance.  There’s a significant difference between drive and addiction. Drive comes from a vision that nourishes one’s soul and enriches one’s life. Addiction arises from fear-based beliefs such as scarcity, inadequacy, and shame, and it inevitably leads to burn out .

Most high earners eventually figured this out. As one young woman told me, “I had a massive inner critic and I pushed myself until I broke down.” Then she said, “I did lots of self improvement work and figured out how to achieve my dream without killing myself.”

In those words, she gives us the key to finding your highest purpose. It takes personal work, a great deal of self reflection.  I’ll talk more about this in my next blog.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Hello Barbara

    The higher purpose of which you speak is “The Power of Why”.

    Women who have discovered their sense of purpose are a formidable force.

    This purpose is bigger than them.

    They stand apart from the rest of the throng and it is the unwavering belief in their mission that gives them the strength when even their nearest and dearest think of them as fruitcakes!

    Thank you for reminding me of why I am on this earth.

  • Barbara, My sister pointed me towards your blog this morning. I have published an article in our local women’s magazine on women and money. I was like many women and turned over all the power of my money to my husband. Then, I got divorced. Your blog is empowering women, getting them to think, and take charge of their lives. Thank you.

  • You Rock Barbara! I’m so thrilled that you are taking us on the journey of Sacred Success. Having been an underearner, almost in bankruptcy, terrible credit rating….blah blah blah….I have pulled myself up and out. And with the help of so many amazing women that I have met along the way, especially through Mama Gena’s Mastery program where I was introduced to you and your work. I’m on the precipice of pre-paving my new life, with a new venture that ignites the fire in my belly – this is just what I need now. Again, thank you for your courage and boldness to step up!

  • and thank you, Susan, for commenting. Keep me posted on your progress, OK?

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