The Power of Celebration

Here’s a question for you. When was the last time you celebrated or simply acknowledged yourself for making the tiniest bit of progress—despite the difficulty?

Sadly, the answer for most will be ‘I can’t remember.’ Perhaps this is why so many struggle, in vain, to change.

Positive reinforcement—anything from patting yourself on the back to popping open the bubbly—works for one simple fact. Rewarding yourself feels good.

And any pleasant sensation triggers the release of pleasurable chemicals, like dopamine, encouraging the brain to keep repeating the behavior.

“It’s no secret that we derive pleasure from doing things we enjoy,” said neuroscientist Rui Costa, CEO of Columbia’s Zuckerman Institute. “The brain learns which activity patterns lead to feel-good sensations and reshapes itself to more efficiently reproduce those patterns.”

It’s why teachers give kids gold stars and cute stickers to encourage behaviors that may not come naturally or feel good right away.

Rewiring for Wealth is anything but pleasurable in the beginning because it often requires delayed gratification. There’s no immediate reward for spending less, saving more, or investing wisely. But the feel-good payoff for dining out, buying a new pair of shoes, or traveling to Tahiti is instantaneous.

Yes, Wealth Building activities will eventually become gratifying in themselves. But with positive reinforcement, you’ll not only accelerate the process, but find more joy along the way.

Dr Michael Mezernich, known as the father of neuroplasticity, is a big proponent of celebrating and appreciating yourself.

“Count every little indication of progress as success,” he instructs, “and reward yourself, in your mind, for those growing achievements.” The more positive you feel about an activity, he insists, the quicker your brain will “turn on its Save-it machinery.”

This week I’m celebrating the release of my latest book, Rewire for WealthWhat progress—large or small—are you ready to celebrate? Share in a comment and I’ll celebrate with you!

Comments & Feedback

  • Ann-Britt

    I celebrate very often. Today I celebrated that I sent 10 Golden envelopes to HR managers, containing a presentation of our company and a ticket with an offer.
    My goal is to send 50 of them.
    So I will be busy.
    And I’m waiting for your book to arrive soon.

    • barbara huson

      Wonderful, Ann-Britt. I love that you celebrate small steps, not just completing the whole task. Great job. And a big thank you for ordering my book!

  • Kate

    I joined the Wealth Connection. I turned my investments over to Vanguard advisors, prepared most of the components of my tax preparation, and I started the process of pricing my store for sale. Also started back into EMDR therapy.

    • Chara Armon

      I’m celebrating a lot of inner personal growth progress, including using neural retraining to heal from illnesses. Your book focused on neural repatterning is coming into my life at the perfect time, when I’m already doing it! I love that this is your focus in the book.

    • barbara huson

      All great steps you’re taking Kate. But how are you celebrating? I’m celebrating you with a big cyber hug for all the progress you’re making!!!

  • Kate

    Congratulations, Barbara!!!!

  • Eva

    I celebrate today my willingness and alertness to catch my mind thinking, and the latest reframe I discovered. And the 19th day of a yoga practice.

  • Lisa

    I’m celebrating passing my marina safety check and going through filling out tedious and bureaucratic application forms in Japanese to become a member, by finally taking by husband on a date sailing him around Tokyo this Sunday! Can’t wait to see the reaction on this face!!!

    • barbara huson

      Oh wow, that sounds amazing. What a fabulous way to celebrate!!! Congratulations on passing the safety check! And thanks for sharing.

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