The Poem That Forever Changed My Financial Life

I was leafing through some old files when I found a poem from a lifetime ago. Suddenly waves of painful, memories flooded my brain.

My life was in shambles. My husband’s gambling was out of control.  I begged God for help, just as I begged my husband to stop gambling. Both ignored me.

Then one day an envelope arrived with no return address. There was a poem inside- no title, neatly typed, all caps, on crisp white paper. I read it and gasped. The message was clear—I had to face my fear.

But in a different way. Not as a victim, woefully wondering, ‘Why me?’ It was time to ask a different question: “What do I need to do, even if it scares me, to learn what lies on the other side of this fear?”

Slowly things began to change. I went to 12 step meetings, like Alanon and Debtors Anonymous. I found a therapist and got a divorce. I read books, went to class, hired an advisor.

Out of the blue, I was hired to interview women who were smart with money, which turned into my first book. Before I knew it, I had become a financial expert.

It all started with this poem:

I’d love to hear your reaction to this poem. Did it help you find the courage to do what you fear? Leave me a comment below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Misty

    The nice thing is that you have someone writing to you who cares about you. I have no one except for the God of the Holy Bible. I also don’t like the end of the poem. It is a blaming the victim mentality. People are still blaming the victim because they have not been taught to not do that. God BLESS all people with success and salvation!

    • barbara huson

      Actually Misty, I have no idea who sent me that poem…I’ve always attributed it directly to God, wanting me to face all the stuff I’d been avoiding. And it worked. I never felt blamed. I felt loved, supported and encouraged…and guided. And I started tackling my fears, one by one!

    • Lisa

      Hi Misty,

      I have a feeling you might have someone other than God and the Holy Bible…

      I’m not comfortable with that line “give up self hatred” either, but I do believe we need to give up being a victim at some point and take responsibility. How many times have I heard people blame breaking up with a boyfriend and going on a wild shopping spree to get me to feel sorry for them for being broke and playing these stories for years instead taking a little responsibility.

  • Lisa Miners

    WOW!! this poem has resonated so much for me all of my life and especially now. It is ok to print it out? x

    • barbara huson

      I’m so glad it resonated with you, Lisa. Of course it’s ok to print it out. I didn’t write it…I’m just sharing it. Please share freely if you like.

  • Barbara J. Simon

    Yes, I’ve already done the thing I feared the most – and my life keeps unfolding in strange and unusual ways. What I did was downsize my living space significantly, and let go of a lot of belongings that did not serve what I wanted to do in my life. They were just remnants of my old life. And I remember them vividly, but don’t need them in a material form. Very strange. But it all helped me to move on, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come and changed, and grown. Stay tuned for new progress. I can feel it coming.

    • barbara huson

      I’m SOOOOOO proud of you too, Barbara. This is an incredible accomplishment! I can’t wait to see what else your courage reveals….Thank you so much for sharing this with me here!

    • Lisa

      Hi Barbara S,

      I need to let go of some of my stuff, too! It’s scary, because it triggers so many memories.

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