The Only Antidote for Fear

 It’s hard not to freak out these days. Between all the political hostility, global wars, and precarious economy, how’s a girl supposed to stay positive and avoid panicking? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately.

Then I remembered a helpful antidote to fear that I once assigned participants during a retreat I gave. I asked them to keep a Receiving Journal. I did it too.

Writing in a Receiving Journal serves the same purpose as tracking your spending. But instead of increasing your awareness of money going out, a Receiving Journal forces you to face all the abundance flowing in.

 As A Course of Miracles tells us: “Every day a thousand treasures come to me with every passing moment.”  The problem, however, is that we fail to notice those frequent treasures, especially when fear is ever-present.  

To fully access the power of a Receiving Journal, you need to understand a spiritual truth…

Everything that happens is a gift for the receiver, regardless of whether it feels ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  

The challenge, of course, is to find the treasure in what may seem terrible. But even the good stuff can be challenging to accept.

For example, I started noticing how often I’d gloss over expressions of praise or appreciation, without fully acknowledging them. So, I started listing, in my journal, every compliment I got. 

 And when I had a tiff with my husband, I actually stopped to reflect. I discovered a very unhealthy pattern I was repeating which led to the most loving discussion. This went in my journal too.

 It only took a few days to feel a big difference. I actually grew noticeably happier, more loving.  

Maybe that’s what a Receiving Journal is all about. Not just expanding our ability to receive, but actually increasing our capacity to love. 

What do you have trouble receiving in your life? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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