The Official Playbook for Sacred Success™

In my last blog (Somebody’s Got to Say No), I pointed out the 6 differences between the Male Model and the Feminine Formula for doing business in the world.

The Feminine Formula is what Sacred Success™ is all about!

Want to hear more? Let this blog be your Official Playbook for Sacred Success®. I’ve blogged about most of this before, but now it’s all in one place. If you desire to read more, follow the links.

First, there are 2 Prerequisites before you’re ready to play Sacred Success™:

  1. Financial Stability— you have a reliable steady income and no unpaid credit card debt. (Read more, Ready to Start Getting Smart)
  2. Stretching Past Fear — fear is never an excuse to stop, but a signal to act and the direction to move (towards the fear). (Read more, More on Greatness)

With these two intact, you’re ready to play Sacred Success. Here are the 6 Ground Rules.

  1. Understand the Paradox of Sacred Success— To achieve financial stability you needed a strong profit motive. But once stable, profit is no longer the primary goat. The primary goal of Sacred Success™ is Greatness, pursuing your soul’s purpose for your own bliss and the benefit of others. (Read more, The Paradox of Sacred Success.)
  2. Clarify your highest purpose— Since Sacred Success is purpose driven, you need to know what your purpose is. This can only be found in stillness and self reflection, which requires abstaining from busyness (most women’s drug of choice), carving out quiet time, and adopting a state of receptive surrender. (Read more, How to Pinpoint Your Purpose).
  3. Practice self respect— Putting yourself first must be your top priority, (which is what self respect is all about). Otherwise, your desire to help others will dissolve into co-dependency. Nurturing yourself — physically, mentally, spiritually — often requires concerted discipline. (Read more, What’s Keeping You from Greatness).
  4. Exercise Discipline— Disciplined action comes from disciplined thinking. Be vigilant for your value, do the “tough stuff”, give up wanting to be liked in order to be respected, think strategically, closely monitor the bottom line, and play to your strengths while delegating your deficiencies. (Read more, The “D” Word)
  5. Create teams— Success never happens in isolation. Put together collaborative teams to inspire, support and guide you in all areas of your life: work, health, wealth, and emotional support (I call this last team my “love nest”).
  6. Model greatness by leaving a legacy— give considerable thought, along with time and money, to making your mark on the world by making a difference for others. (Read more, The Talk)

I’d love to hear your comments. What do you think about this new game???


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Comments & Feedback

  • Patrice

    If you are working on getting rid of your credit card debt can you still take part in the game?

    • You can, Patrice, if you’re no longer debting, consistently paying down your credit card balance, and amassing savings for emergencies and daily living. IF you’re on that path, you’re ready to play!!

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