The Motivating Power of Divine Conviction

While cleaning out my files, I discovered a crumpled-up article from the Wall Street Journal, with no date, but faded with age. The subject quickly grabbed my attention.

The reporter asked a bevy of the biggest super stars the secret to their stellar success. What he found surprised him…and fascinated me.

These luminaries—mostly pop singers, pro athletes, and movie stars–gave God all the credit.

What fascinated me was that the mega earners I’ve interviewed–who were also quite successful, just not in the spotlight–told me something similar…in almost identical words.

Talent is important, they all agreed, but even greater was the “motivating power of Divine conviction” to stack the odds in their favor.

“Believing that God wants you to be famous,” concluded reporter Neil Strauss, “actually improves your chance of being famous.”

On the flip side, Strauss discovered, “Many equally talented but slightly less famous celebrities I interviewed felt their success was accidental or undeserved—and soon after fell out of the limelight.”

This “faith gap,” he says, “is often what sets the merely famous apart from the ridiculously famous. It can make the difference between achieving what’s possible and accomplishing what seems impossible.”

To me, it makes perfect sense. Those with a Divine sense of mission–who believe their marching orders come from a Higher Authority–possess a fire in their belly that renders them unstoppable.

What do you think? Do you believe that there’s actually a Higher Power that wants you to be successful?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Comments & Feedback

  • Claire

    Yes yes yes I do! I believe, trust and know that Divine Power is guiding me and I am not separate from it.

    • barbara huson

      That’s beautiful, Claire. I can definitely feel the power of your faith in your words. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Barbara Alpher

    I definitely believe there is a Higher Power … strange that I don’t seem to have ever thought about that Higher Power wanting me to be successful! Instead, I’ve been exhibiting my father’s pattern of being financially successful is a struggle. Time to rewire my conditioning:-)!

    • barbara huson

      Yes, Barbara, it’s definitely time to rewire that pattern! Success need not be a struggle…it’s a pattern you’ve inherited and it’s not serving you at all! If you haven’t read my free ebook, The Rewire Response, it’s available for free on my website. It may help you!

    • barbara huson

      Definitely time to rewire, Barbara!! That pattern needs to go. What would you rather believe? That’s what you’ll need to start repeating to yourself over and over again, until it becomes your new conditioning.

  • Jacqueline

    Yes absolutely. I also see it this way: I noticed that I don’t choose my dreams, they choose me!

    Thanks so much for these emails Barbara.

    • barbara huson

      You’re more than welcome, Jacqueline. I LOVE the way you phrased it…you don’t choose your dreams; they choose you! I never thought of it that way, but it’s so true!!!! Thanks

  • Katie Adler

    Yes. My faith has gotten stronger as I have cleared out the limiting beliefs that I stored from people who did not have a strong faith. WOW! That is the first time that I have made that connection. If those people had had a strong belief they wouldn’t have been mean, angry, resentful and cruel. They would have had self-control, a desire to be a better person, and compassion. The signs and help that I receive daily from this Higher Power are gentle and helpful. When I fall down, I know I am not judged. I know I am alive to do better, learn, grow and live LOVE!

  • barbara huson

    That is soooo beautifully expressed, Katie. There’s one line that I’m copying and putting it on my desk where I can see it daily–“When I fall down, I know I am not judged. I know I am alive to do better, learn, grow and live LOVE!” I want to live knowing that too. Thank you for your profound wisdom.

  • Lisa

    This blog was divine timing. I’m going on TV on June 14 and I don’t know why I want to be on TV anymore.

    God wants me to be famous is good for my ego, but I like being anonymous. God wants me to have fun and to create a fun time for the cast&crew and viewers seems to feel more right for me. I hate the character I’m playing, but maybe God has a special message I need to convey.

    • barbara huson

      Lisa, I hope your television appearance goes well and you get clarity on what it is you truly desire going forward. Let me know…

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