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The Mind/Body Connection

Why do we do it? Spend more than we have. Save less than we need. Ignore our finances altogether.

Blame it on your brain.

Let me explain. Your brain consists of billions of nerve cells which connect to each other via neuropathways.

The more you think a thought or feel an emotion, the stronger a neuropathway grows. Eventually, a well-worn pathway becomes a hard-wired habit.

Let’s say you constantly stress because there’s never enough. That thought— ‘never enough’ —stimulates your brain to produce and transfer chemicals to the appropriate pathways.

The more you repeat that thought, the stronger the neuropathway grows until you automatically do things that leave you with not enough.

All the effort, will power, discipline, good intentions and financial facts in the world won’t change anything.

Your brain forces your behavior to abide by its wiring.

The key is not to focus on changing your behavior…which is exactly what most financial classes focus on.

Maybe you’ve noticed. It doesn’t work.

The solution— focus on changing your thoughts. What flows through your mind, wires your brain.

What thoughts do you really focus on? Share here.

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  • Cathy Harris

    Great insight, thank you for writing and sharing this information. Having had to remove foods from my diet that I’ve eaten my whole life has been like a research project in retraining the brain and would certainly apply to decisions with finances. I think our brains are running the show more than we realize. It’s put me on high alert to notice my patterns and how they unfold. What my parents thoughts, experiences and beliefs were about money seem to hold a stronger impression than others and I’ve noticed too that negative experiences with money alter my thoughts and feelings more about money or hold a stronger memory. This is such an important piece of the puzzle and I’m glad you’re sharing this information! I could go on and on and get into greater detail, but thank you for writing about it.

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