The Immense Power of A Strong Intention (Part I)

I can personally vouch for the incredible power of a strong intention!

Years ago, I noticed that just about every High Earner described a moment in her past, when she said to herself, with utter conviction: “It’s time to make more money.”

She didn’t always believe it possible or know how she’d do it. But she was definitely determined.

Compare that to Underearners. Almost without exception, they’d tell me “I’d love to make more money, but…” as they listed off a litany of excuses.

And indeed, their incomes remained consistently low.

I was quite struck by the difference in the responses of High Earners vs. Underearners. So one day I took a post-it note, wrote $125,000 on it, and stuck it on my computer. That was my earnings goal for the year.

I hadn’t the slightest idea how I’d do it, especially since I’d never earned anywhere even close to that in my entire life. But there was no ‘but’ in my decision, no reasons why I couldn’t.

Even when my ‘then’ husband spied that note and laughed hysterically when I explained what it was, I took the post it down and added “Yes You Can!” I was determined. And Yes. I. Did.

As I’ve come to see, a strong intention, said with utter conviction, will carry you though the toughest of times and the deepest of doubts.

So what happens when you find yourself saying “I really want earn more, but….”? Are you doomed to fail? Not if you explore what’s under the ‘but’ by asking yourself some questions:

What scares you or turns you off about earning a lot of money? What do you imagine the consequences would be? How would your friends, family peers react?

Think about how you were raised, what early messages you heard about money. What limiting beliefs could be standing in your way? Can you even imagine your life as a high earner? Do you believe it’s actually possible? Why not?

If you still feel hopelessly deadlocked in underearning, stay tuned for Part II, When Intentions Don’t Work.

In the meantime, journal about your earliest memories of money and share your insights here.

Comments & Feedback

  • Lauren McQuade

    Hi Barbara,
    Thanks for this post. Like you I am a huge believer in the power of strong intentions. I have manifested many things in the past by doing this. I am currently an underearner. Your question about what is behind it only just occurred to me this morning. I have bipolar disorder, and when I have been high I have blown a lot of money, thousands. I think a part of me associates having a lot of money with illhealth. I also worry that if I got a lot of money again I would lose it. And loss for me is something I really struggle to deal with. Does that make sense? Your thoughts would be so appreciated. Do I just try to set new intentions or is there a part of me that needs to heal first? Lauren

    • barbara huson

      Dearest lauren, I feel your frustration. For you, setting intentions is not enough. You definitely need to heal first. Because when your brain takes over, it’s almost as if you’re helpless to act differently. It could be bipolar that needs healing, and that could mean medication. Or I’m wondering if you haven’t suffered some kind of early trauma that needs healing. Either way, I urge you to get the help of a specialist in that field. Please let me know what you do…I really care!

  • Lisa

    Hi Lauren,

    I’m think a psychiatrist who specializes in bipolar disorder would really understand this well.

    When you’re manic, it would be handy to have a family member or super responsible person in your life who could make sure you don’t have access to your funds when you’re on a high or when it’s against your goals.

    Understanding what you want from the money long term or what constitutes an emergency could help that person manage the money for you.

    • barbara huson

      Great feedback, Lisa. I especially like the idea of finding both a trained professional and a super responsible, trustworthy person to support Lauren’s desire to change. Thank you so much for commenting!

  • Lisa

    Definitely trustworthy is important, too!

    I remember my friend told me one of her sisters was spending some of her disabled sisters welfare check at the casino!!! It was abuse of power, considering her disabled sister was living at home.

  • Lisa

    * in a nursing home,

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