The “I” Word

While we’re discussing my beliefs (see True Confessions), I’ll add another  to the pot.  This belief is a biggie for me, and growing stronger by the second…due to  recent events.

I believe our financial foundation is only as strong as our individual integrity.

I am convinced the economic meltdown was a direct result of a lack of integrity,  among consumers and institutions alike.  The same applies to all the problems we’re witnessing today. Think: Tiger, Toyota, BP…to name a few. They all are, in large part, crisis that occurred when people acted out of  integrity.

I believe that every crisis comes with critical lessons. So instead of reacting solely with fury, frustration or a deep sense of futility—which I tend to do—I remind myself to treat each crisis as a teacher.

Take the oil spill, for example. Maybe I can’t do anything personally to protect the pelicans, but I can learn (and share) the lesson this crisis is offering me. For me, it’s all about integrity.

The word integrity comes from the latin root, meaning wholeness or entirety. Integrity demands  that our words and deeds  consistently reflect our deepest truths, highest aspirations,  and most cherished values.

Now, more than ever,  I believe we all need to ask ourselves 2 questions, on a daily basis:

  • Where am I out of integrity?
  • How can I correct that?

None of us are too big to fail. Nor are we too small to soar.  The difference, I believe, rests largely on our level of integrity…and our courage to act on it.

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Comments & Feedback

  • Barbara,

    Right on! So far this year, we have ‘fired’ two business referral partners whose word we can no longer trust.

    I’m curious how much of today’s lack of integrity in business comes from an inflated attitude of personal entitlement that seems to be growing out of control. How did the Golden Rule become I’m Going to Get Mine and to Heck with Everyone Else?

  • yes yes yes YES YES Barbara! And yes yes yes yes YES YES YES Laurie! God this is a refreshing conversation! MORE!!!

  • Personally< Laurie, I believe the absence of integrity is almost always triggered by fear….fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of humiliation, fear of ________ fill in the blanks. It's easier to close our eyes and pretend the monster doesn't exist…than look the monster in the eye and do something about it. Much easier…but oh so destructive.

    At the same time…every time we see this happening in the world, I believe it's a cosmic finger pointing to us, saying "open your eyes and face your monster. Go where you fear because that's how you grow!"

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