The Beginners Guide to Surrender – Step 3

I’m here to tell you,  it’s going to be very tempting to jump into idle distractions–like going on a shopping spree or planning an ambitious project—anything to avoid those difficult feelings. What I did, when I found myself looking for excuses to escape (ok, I admit I fell off the wagon a few times), was to throw myself into Step #3.


Step #3—Reassess, reevaluate

The first question most people ask themselves, when facing uncertainty, is: what should I do? I’m here to tell you, that’s the LAST question to pose.  The first questions should always be: What do I need to  let go of? Where am I giving my power away? A big piece of surrender is letting go of what’s holding us back, reclaiming our power. How do you know what needs to go? Whatever you’re most afraid to release.

For me, I was willing to let go of writing, speaking, my business in general, my identity in particular….I was willing to make space for whatever was to come next.

I used the time to ask myself questions: What am I here to do? How do I want to live? Who do I desire to help? Where do I want to make a difference?

I journaled, meditated, read A Course in Miracles, joined a master mind group, processed my insights daily with friends.

Self reflection became my major focus.

Coming up – the result of my self reflection.

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  • Kimberly

    I sat on Barbara’s Monday Money call tonight and spoke up about being involved with multiple projects and simply in the “spinning my wheels” mode. This blog communicated to me because I have always felt that there was, “something I needed to do..” but I have yet to define what it is. I almost have to laugh, because when I wrote my reflections of the call afterwards, I had a section on top of my paper that said, “what do I need to let go of?” just in the past hour, I now have a list of 17 things that I can do instantly to de-clutter my life. Maybe that is what my instinct has been pulling me to do– not accomplish something great and big, but to clean up the space to allow something great to happen. Right now I’ve filled my space and energy with a sea of clutter. No wonder I am spinning my wheels!

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